2015 specialized s-works phenom carbon mountain bike saddle

The upcoming Specialized S-Works Phenom mountain bike saddle was spotted on a western states rep’s bike and described thusly:

The nose is about 10mm shorter, and the cover gets new slipperier side panels for less friction against inside of your thighs. It’ll use full carbon rails and a carbon infused shell, giving it a weight somewhere “just over 100 grams.”

Detail pic and more below…

2015 Specialized S-Works phenom mountain bike saddle

Currently, the top level Phenom is the Pro, so this one will (as the S-Works name suggests) take over as the top offering.

Word is it should be officially announced in a few weeks, but we’d guess mid summer at latest as that’s when the Big S typically unveils their full range of bikes and gear for the following year.


  1. I like the channel, but the cutout seems too far back? I find that to be the case with most saddles that have a cutout; things don’t quite lineup when leaned over pedaling hard. I love my current phenom, so maybe this will be even better.

  2. A sales rep told you about a saddle on display in a promotional stand and allowed you to take a photo…
    In what sense is this a ‘spy shot’?

  3. another $300.00 S-Works saddle… yay..
    “we can charge even more if we just put S-Works on it..people eat that crap up, we’ll say its stiffer so they’re not loosing watts output through their giant @ss muscles”.. save 1 microsecond on that Strava segment..get that KOM!”

  4. The new Phenom is awesome (Pro). This new S-Works can only be better, what with its lighter weight and stiffer platform.

    I’ll have to disagree with John Spartan: S-Works is actually an upgrade from lower level stuff. Other companies throw “Extreme” on their products, and merely change the graphics. With frames, for example, Specialized actually uses different carbon layups for their S-Works models; people claim it’s the same as the Pro/Elite levels. It’s not. The ’11m’ graphic on the BB doesn’t mean anything when comparing two different models.

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