During the finals of the Cairns, Australia World Cup DH Race, Adam Brayton clipped a tree and took a big digger that resulted in a broken leg. While he was being treated, a spectator offered to take his bike back down to the pits. After pushing the bike partially down the mountain, the spectator decided to hop on the bike (despite having no helmet) and ride down the track. Hit play to watch the carnage and drop past the break for another angle. 

The event occurred during Steve Peats run, so the Syndicate rider was given a second run. He was only one of two riders to have raced at the venue 18 years ago, and was 7th fastest man down the treacherous track.



  1. Ouch, but seriously what was he thinking! Sure rolling really slow down may have been a reasonable thing to do, but what do you expect cruising a pro DH course with no protective gear, and clearly not competent enough to clear the whoops. Not even the pros would do that.
    I do hope this guy is Ok, though.

  2. Holy sh*t he got rocked. But d*mn don’t we all get hammered like that once in a blue moon? I remember getting knocked out cold many times riding bmx. Viva our sport!

  3. Any update on him?pretty bad crash especially without any protection gear.rough day for him 🙁
    stop calling him stupid please he is just young,
    by the way,who would have the guts to do what he did ? not me

  4. Cdub, agree completely!

    Thinking about this more today, I wonder if the brakes are back to front to what he was used to? Being an Aussie living in Canada, I have to warn people if they borrow my bike that the front brake is probably the opposite to what they are used to.

    Just a thought, regardless, hope he doesn’t suffer any long term issues from accident.

  5. Steve Peat tweeted earlier that he spoke to the guy (probably to thank him for the 2nd run lifeline) and the guy has cracked 2 vertebra.
    Painful lesson for that punter!
    There’s a reason why the pros wear all that protective gear.

  6. Letting a spectator onto the course is the most bone headed thing to allow and the results are there to prove it. He had zero business being allowed onto the course during an active race. In this day and age, the race organizers may find themselves held accountable for letting this dumb dumb hurt himself.

  7. @Jimmie – I don’t think they really ‘let’ him go out there, he just took it upon himself to grab the bike and go. What would you have them do? Lock down the course and call out ‘We gotta an active idiot out on the course, take him down immediately without hesitation!’

    It’s not exactly easy to communicate with somebody riding down a trail at the same time.

  8. @ginsu. That’s exactly the job of course marshals. Do fans have a go at bat in the middle of a baseball game? Do fans take over when their favorite quarterback gets hurt? Try getting into the seat of a Nascar next time there is a crash. Every sport, including cycling has safety protocols in place to protect spectators and the athletes. If this guy had caused Steve Peat a crash that resulted in a career ending injury, the comments here would be a lot worse. All I can say is the guy is stupid and got what was coming to him.

  9. @Jimmie, it’s not the job of the course marshalls to run on to the course and actively take the guy down. Cycling is different from other sports in that you have long open courses that we allow spectators to get right up next to. Your comparisons to other sports make no sense at all. You can’t prevent a determined idiot from doing something like this. There is no way you can blame the organizers or the marshalls (who are likely to be volunteers.)

  10. Being a roadie, I have no clue so I’d love to see a link to a video of how that section was “intended” to be ridden if anyone has one! I don’t know much but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like that.

  11. @AlanM, that’s exactly the job of the course marshal…….to protect the athletes by keeping situations like this from happening. I enjoy a good crash as much as the next guy but Jimmie has a point. That dude should have never been out there.

  12. @C2R there’s a better view of Gee Atherton flying through them at 4:50 in the video Dave linked. The answer appears to be that you launch into them going 100 mph and then magically float through them as if they aren’t actually there.

  13. @puffy Lack of skill indeed. @cole, Leaning over the rear wheel and lifting the front wheel definitely helps too. DH 101 methinks.

  14. interesting the bike rumor removed my criticism of them making a laughing stock of this blokes very bad decision… point of origin guess, the police of the world right?!

  15. I don’t see the big deal here. What happened to people being responsible for their own actions? If anything that dumb-ass should be financially responsible for any damage to that rig.

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