The Manx Missile is fast, and he loves green. It should come as no surprise then that when Specialized set out to create a line of Mark Cavendish signature apparel and gear there would be some green. Well, other than black and white the only other color is green. As a collaboration between Mark’s own brand CVNDSH and Specialized, the recently announced CVNDSH Collection by Specialized brings Mark’s attention to style and performance to a full range of Specialized’ highest end product.

According to Mark, “The bottom line is that the pieces are just so, so good. It isn’t just my name on a jersey because I’ll never do that. I believe in the equipment, I personally helped design them with the team and I believe in the ability they have to help a rider be the fastest they can be.” What performance enhancing equipment is included other than the saddle and bar tape? Get a quick look after the break…



Marking the first time Specialized has ever designed an entire rider specific product line, the CVNDSH line includes a black and green S-Works Evade aero helmet. What, were you thinking the Missile would be wearing just a plain old helmet?


The same goes for the S-Works road shoe with a mostly white exterior save for the green carbon sole and inner.



The line continues with the apparel offering multiple jerseys, Bibs, and gloves all with the signature green trim.




  1. I’m sure there will be plenty of negative comments..

    Here’s my take. The gear/equipment adds an option for people who like the color green.

  2. @gabe

    1) I like black and green,
    2) I’ve been looking at getting an Evade helmet,
    3) Awesome I can get one in black and green (and take of the cvndsh sticker)

  3. I recall a brand launch from CVNDSH a while back. I have nothing against Cavendish the rider, his brand, or Specialized, but is the brand bringing more to market than signature collections of Specialized products?

  4. Black and green is so much better and probably faster than the industry standard black and red.

    Really I hate red accents. Red should be full red or no red.

    I would like to see some electric blue next.

  5. any engineer worth his salt will tell you that that’s the wrong green if you’re looking for speed. that’s a great green for strength, but of all the greens suited for bicycle and bicylce accessory applications, it’s one of the heaviest and least aero. cvndsh better be getting some serious green to wear this crap.

  6. Love it. Shoes and saddle will most definitely be joining my collection… Been wanting those shoes for a while now.

  7. Colin, I’m willing to bet Freshbikes will be one of those dealers. I believe the owner rides a CVNDSH Venge. Looking forward to picking up those shoes…

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