mini bike frame
Just when it seemed like all the 3D printing efforts were going to full size, rideable bicycle, we got this little (pun intended) submission by Reggie Polynice:

I blame Bikerumor on my new obsession. A few months back you ran a story on someone building a miniature bike shop which sparked a frenzy in me.

I’m a concept artist for film and tv, I mostly design props using 3D programs and recently I purchased a 3D printer. After reading the story I thought why not design some frames and make prints for fun. Shortly after that I started seeing an abundance of actual frames (here, here, here, here and here) being printed to scale in various materials.

I’m anxious for the day to come when I’ll able to send a printer/manufacturer a 3d file and get back a frame. The models I’ve been making now are all to scale in preparation for that day…

But for now I’m adorning my studio with models and having fun making and displaying them.

More pics below…






  1. I could handle forking over the cash for some sweet 2.9er wheels but that 3mm press fit bottom bracket will require a whole new set of tools and that I cannot afford.

  2. I’m using a Makerbot Replicator 2, Ive also used it to make a dropper clamp and a replacement for an mrp guide, pretty handy….
    Wheels and fork next…

  3. Hey,

    Not sure if the creator of these models will see this or not, but if you do hit me up @ Id be interested in purchasing a stand and bike frame as a cool little toy on my desk at work.

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