prototype tallboy bittle cage from blackburn design

Blackburn Design is gearing up for a wave of new products for adventurous cyclists that just wanna get out there for a day, a week, a month or more. Most of it’s stuff we can’t show you yet. Some of it will be posted in the next week. Some of it’s rather serious, impressive technical gear. And some -a few- are a bit more lighthearted but no less useful. Like this, the Tallboy bottle cage. Throw a 16oz in the included coozie, or man up…

prototype tallboy bittle cage from blackburn design

Coming later this year to a hipster near you. Stay tuned…


  1. I’m pretty sure a 16 oz is a POUNDER, and a TALLBOY or TALLCAN is 24oz. Man up an stick a growler cage on there.

  2. Beer And Spokes: I know the authors can’t look at the photos, but it is a 24oz can in the photo. Personally I prefer calling 24oz the “stovepipe”.

  3. @topmounter and Jake…y’all sound like quitters, and winners never quit. It just takes practice and judgement, friends, practice and judgement.

    Now get out there and win one for the squad.

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