Atomik Carbon just hit the scene officially in March and we had a first look/first ride on their XC carbon rims before they debuted publicly at the SE Bike Expo.

Despite that youth, they’re moving fast to bring more products to market. Hookless all-mountain rims are being tested, and they’re prototyping tubeless ready, single wall carbon fiber fat bike rims, too. All that’s below, but first, we’re happy to say their graphics (new version shown above) have been improved and finalized. Co-founder Kevin Lineberger says they’ll come in a wide range of color options, from bright to subdued, and can easily be removed for a totally stealth look. Now, on to the tech…


From Lineberger:

We’ve also been testing a hookless version of our AM rim for a few months now with great results. The thickness of the bead retainer has been kept wide (similar to our hooked rim design) for added strength, and the rim also features the same added layer of composite material though out the rim bed to better absorb shock and help ward off impact damage from hard hits. The OD of the rim is 33mm and the ID is 27mm, with a weight of 385 grams +/- 10. The rim is currently in production and will be arriving very soon. The hookless design is a lighter option for riders who want the benefits of a wide carbon rim without the additional weight penalty.

For those not sold on the hookless thing, their standard AM rims and wheels will start shipping early May in both 27.5″ and 29er. The rim profile’s been slightly reworked to eliminate the use of the Bontrager rim strip and have a ramped bead lock. That, combined with the ability to use Stan’s NoTubes rim tape or Gorilla Tape means a drop of up to 20g per rim in ride-ready form.

They’ve got several professional riders riding the rims, they just can’t say who because they’re under contract with other brands at the moment…but they’re pretty big names who apparently have some very good things to say. If you wanna test them for yourself, they’ll be demoing at the Dirt Rag Dirt Fest in PA in May.


The fat bike rim’s a little further away from reality, but looks promising with a 85mm wide single wall construction. Target weight based on computer modeling is currently at 470g, but spoke hole alignment and reinforcement isn’t final yet. They’re still debating which axle standard -170mm or 190mm- to optimize the angle for. Either way, it’ll be tubeless ready with similar ramping and bead locking to make setup easy. More as we get it.


  1. graphics have been “improved” – not sure if that’s the right word, but at least they are removable, if you want yet another brands carbon wheel offerings.

  2. Jerome, prices are on the company website. Not too hard to find if you are genuinely interested or are you just looking for something to complain about?

  3. Yeah, the new hookless are pretty identical to what Chinese factories have been putting out for quite some time. Also Specialized went hookless last year. Looks like a new standard. Good thing Atomik was open-minded from the get go. These look like a great option for riders who want carbon fairly cheap, but are afraid to buy direct from China.

  4. This is Kevin with Atomik Carbon. I assure you this is not simply a re-branded Chinese product that either Light Bicycle, King Carbon or any of the other Chinese companies are currently selling online. These are engineered and produced in a Taiwanese factory that has done work for several very prominent cycling brands.

  5. It may be assured that these are tai and not Chinese, but would anyone be able to tell the difference in a blind test? Prob not and for the money, its not worth it!

  6. jbd – these are not coming from the same group that produces Specialized hookless rims.

    d – not bashing the Chinese product at all. It has definitely been a way for many to try a carbon rim at an affordable price. There are simply some negatives that come with them as well. One being state-side support. We’re able to honor warranty claims immediately and also offer a two year crash replacement – one time per rim, that makes accidental damage much easier to swallow. I won’t get into consistent quality, quality control, R&D and testing or liability insurance for the products sold. There are price points for any product, and we feel that we offer a very good value at this quality and finish level.

  7. I want bead hook/lock’s. I can’t be the only one. I will not buy hook-less rims as long as I have the choice. On a fatbike rim running single digit air pressures I just find it almost impossible to believe that rims without them, are as safe as rims with them. I am of the opinion they are hook-less because it’s cheaper to make. So in the end the manufacturer saves some coin, at the risk of my health. No thanks.

  8. Was searching the internet about this company, and here is what I found the owner posted on MTBR:

    Originally Posted by Atomik Carbon
    This hookless thing is just plain stupid and wrong on so many fronts……First of all Specialized did this as a cost savings measure, not an upgrade for performance. Second, when the rim loses the bead hook, the only thing keeping the tire on is the air pressure, lose the air pressure and the tire will burp or roll off. Those of you that are running higher pressures need not worry. Third, when you have a bead hook, the tire AND the bead hook share the load and work together. You are not stressing the tire alone. Fourth, by losing the bead hook you are losing lateral stiffness. The thickness of the bead accomplishes this, just like how an angle extrusion works….

    Oh, my, they are so full of it. And they got started by trying to import LB rims.

  9. Mindless. Indeed. Atomik Carbon (formerly Yamon), is truly a piece of work. A simple search on will have anyone “running for the hills” on this company.

    Considering his wheels are more expensive than Ibis (let alone Light Bicycle), you’d be nuts to buy these, considering who you’re dealing with. What do they say about “chickens coming home to roost”.

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