SOC 14: Geax Teases Improved Tire Compounds, New Stuff In the Future

Geax are no strangers when it comes to mountain bike tires, but they think they can do better. Citing a big investment in mountain bike tire production, the company is looking into improved rubber compounds that will give their tires better grip. Thanks to their association with Vittoria, Geax tires already run impressively supple casings and the TNT tubeless system works great, which is why they are focusing their attention on the rubber itself.

The company is testing prototypes like his one with an extremely tacky 45 durometer rubber (the lower the number the softer the tire). 45 is soft enough that when your press your fingernail into the tread, the indent stays there for a few seconds. No word on when the new tire compounds might see production, but the story here is that they are working on revamped line up. Rumor has it that new line up might even include a fat bike tire or two…


  1. casings are maybe best in industry….. so is tubeless compatibility…. but the coumpounds were always on the hard side and unpredictable – this is a welcome change

  2. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. I currently run a 2.3″ AM Gato and 2.2″ Saguaro both in folding and cannot find a tire that is as good in my terrain and as light (both below 700g). With my new build I have coming in the next few months (first fully) I will be looking to move the Gato over and probably run the Goma in the rear (or could look at Goma both front and rear). I love these tires because I ride about 2miles of street/pavement to get to my local trails and the tires hold up very well. With the new, low duro rating I hope they dont wear out too fast.

  3. If they would only resize their TNT casing to fit on Stan’s/tubeless rims, I’d buy even more of their tires. I love their Saguaro, but can’t run the TNT version on Stan’s rims. Yes, you might be able to install the tire on the rim, using lots of tire tools and lube, but good luck getting it off while on the trail.

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