Xentis Black on black wheels carbon (4)

Decals on rims are always a love ’em or hate ’em affair. It’s usually only when those decals or graphics are on $2,000+ wheels that it really becomes an issue. If you’re a fan of the blacked out look or just don’t want to be a rolling billboard for the brand of your next set of wheels, check out Xentis’ new finish. The black stealth finish will not only be offered on the 4.2 XBL and Squad 4.2 disc wheelsets, but it will be the standard color in North America. If you’re a fan of the current white graphics don’t worry – they’ll still be available as an option. Stage Race Distribution had the latest samples on hand which are currently limited to their 42mm wheels, but will be available across the line soon.

Close ups after the break…

Xentis Black on black wheels carbon (3)

Xentis Black on black wheels carbon (2) Xentis Black on black wheels carbon (1)

It may be quite difficult to photograph, but the graphics are there. Both sets of wheels look great in person as the stealth look only seems to highlight the weave of the carbon. XBL 4.2s weigh in at 1435g per pair and retail for $1999, while the Squad 4.2 discs are 1475g and retail for $2599.



  1. Hey Guys,
    Feel free to shoot any questions my way.
    This all-black finish is a new option only through Stage-Race and our dealers.
    Some models are shipping already with other arriving in May.
    Just for clarification, all XBL wheels come with glossy finish whereas Squads get the matte treatment.
    Email us for more info or head to our online store to place an order:

    Mike Yakubowicz
    Stage-Race Distribution

  2. I got a question. Aftermarket wheel prices are going to the stratosphere. How about an affordable disc wheelset under 1500g that doesn’t cost more than most bikes?

  3. Those look great, Mike! What are the dimensions as far as width, internal and external. And can they be run them tubeless without voiding the warranty?


  4. @JoeNomad: try a local wheel builder where a 1,000 bucks or less can get your pretty far.

    A full carbon rim able to run road tubeless would be news.

  5. Hey Dave,
    We are testing the rims now, but as of yet the road wheels not been officially approved for tubeless use.
    MTB rims are approved already of course.
    Btw, “FreeShip” coupon code gives gratis FedEx shipping across North America until the end of May in the online shop!!


    • @Myke, to be fair, I believe prices for both of those wheelsets have dropped since they were first shown at interbike.

  6. @Myke – I would say $1,999 for the XBL wheelset is a very fair deal in the marketplace.
    These are handmade in Austria and feature a ton of technology, so really not fair to compare with generic Chinese carbon wheels which sell in the $1000-$1600 category.
    The stiffness, aerodynamics, braking surface and warranty on the Xentis all blow budget brands out of the water!!
    By the way, we have more all-black stock arriving next week.


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