Wahoo RFLKT + HR Strap iphone computer

If you’re looking to track your heart rate, but only want to use one strap for all of your devices, Wahoo has you covered. Thanks to the aptly named TICKR, you can connect to either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart compatible devices (including Trek and Giant integrated computers) all with the same strap. Designed to work with a number of fitness tracking apps like Strava and Endomondo, TICKRs also work great with Wahoo’s own Wahoo Fitness app and the new Burn or Burst training plans that are built into the app. The dual band HR strap has LED lights that let you know it’s working, while the more advanced TICKR Run and TICKR X (coming soon) will have features like speed/distance on a treadmill, built in memory, and more. The standard TICKR is available now for $59.99.

Wahoo is also now shipping the RFLKT+ which has all the same features as the standard RFLKT, but adds an Altimeter. The computer also serves as a connection between your phone and ANT+ sensors, meaning you can use ANT+ devices even if your phone is only equipped with Bluetooth. For those unfamiliar with the RFLKT, it basically reflects the data on your smart phone to the computer screen on your bike. You can control all of the functions directly from the handlebar mounted computer, while leaving your phone tucked away in your jersey pocket or bag. The RFLKT+ retails for $129.99, while the standard RFLKT is still $99.99.



  1. I really like the look of the RFLKT+ as a way to bridge the ANT+ Trek Duotap sensor on my Madone when my Bontrager computer succumbs to the button-sticking issue they are known for. Too bad I’m using an Android phone instead of Apple. Any plans to run an Android app for the RFLKT+?

  2. Ultraclyde: Wahoo has an Android app now, but I’m not at all clear on what it does yet. You’ll need something with somewhat-recent version of Android (4.3+?) and support for Bluetooth 4.0/Smart/LE or whatever they are calling it this week.

    Anybody who wants to send me a RFLKT and the speed/cadence sensor is welcome to do so…

  3. Now if only they can release the Android SDK for the RFLKT, this product could be useful for a large number of people!

    I’m currently using Wahoo Speed/Cadence sensor with “Ride with GPS” with excellent results. “Ride with GPS” said they will support RFLKT once Wahoo releases info about the product to the Android Community.

    Does anyone know if there are alternatives to the RFLKT? They need some competition.

  4. I have a RFLKT+ and it works perfectly with my iPhone 4S and I really like it. Just enable Bluetooth devices and the apps (wahoo fitness, strava and others) will pair in a snap. Same for speed/cadence sensor and heart rate strap.
    With wifi turned off, using blue sc and blue hr, the battery usage is less than 10-15% per hour.
    However, even tough the altimeter seems to be more accurate than the one found in the Edge 510, I consider it’s not enough to be usable. On a flat road the gradient varies between -2% and +2% at every 2 seconds or so. The wahoo fitness app only gives you a total climb, no total descent, which is fine though if you end where you started.
    I would say the only thing missing is an app on the iPhone giving turn by turn directions. To be continued!

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