feedback-sports-bicycle-maintenance-and-service-record-keeping-appIf your workbench has a ratty old notebook with as much grease on it as chicken scratch, then Feedback Sports has the app for you.

Their new Maintenance Tracking App lets you create a bike and list all of its components (and their weights, price paid and any other details) then track your maintenance on every one of them. You can even set up reminders to ensure you’re doing it all at regular intervals, too. They say it not only helps keep your bike in great shape, but could help you sell it since the service records can be exported and shared with a potential buyer.

According to Doug Hudson, Founder / President of Feedback Sports, “Our goal was to consolidate users’ bicycle maintenance and component lists into one place with a simple, effective app. We wanted to rid their workbench of random notebooks and unorganized pieces of paper. We are happy to say that our app achieves this goal.”

It doesn’t include instructions or videos for how to do any maintenance, it’s simply a log book for your efforts. Screen shots and links below…


Check out for the rest of their lineup of work stands and such, then head over to iTunes for the free download.


  1. “If your workbench has a ratty old notebook with as much grease on it as chicken scratch”

    Yes, just what I need, grease all over my iPhone.

  2. I am really f-ing surprised Strava hasn’t gotten into this yet. It supports mileage alerts for running shoes, but not for bikes–go figure. And you wonder why companies fat on hubris go under (deleted)

  3. @ Jeff Nitta

    Can we interface this application with Garmin connect ? so that accumulated mileage can be extracted out from the Garmin data and warn user to do the require maintenance.

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