Rapha’s Spring / Summer 2014 collection seems to carry forward the same pieces, just with updated colors and a few highlights to call out: new Trade Team Jersey designs, brand new synthetic racing mitts, updates to Club Jerseys and Wind Jackets, the Rapha Cap’s new panel construction, and a new Brevet Jersey colour.

There’s also an ever expanding women’s collection. They’ve assembled it all into a rather elegant Look Book online that works quite well, so we’ll just share their video highlights here. Hit the link, then click on any page’s caption to see tech details for a particular piece.

Flip past the break for more from Rapha, Ground Effect, Swiftwick and several more great brands…

Rapha Women’s collection promises to keep growing and now features options for cool to hot weather. View the Women’s specific Look Book here.

Ground Effect


Ground Effect is easily one of our favorite-est new brands. Well, new to us, anyway, since just getting a few pieces to review last fall (here and here). Their new/updated jackets, the anti-Cyclone (left), Frosty Boy (center, black) and Ice Queen (center, orange) and Draft Dodger (right) cover everything from mountain biking to road riding to commuting.

The anti-Cyclone uses a waterproof, breathable Hydrofoil fabric with taped seams waterproof zippers and a cinch waistband and Velcro cuffs help foul weather out. Vent zips on the arms and chest help control your body temp. A drop tail and under-helmet hood round out the coverage. The rear pocket turns in on itself to stow the jacket plus room for a pair of tights, phone and cash. Retail is $349, available in obnoxiously awesome orange only. With reflective piping, too!

The Frosty Boy and Ice Queen are admittedly for colder days or northern spring mornings with their fleeced construction and wind block front and arms. They both get slimmed down silouhettes and smoother exteriors now that the rear pockets have been replaced by a single zip chest pocket. Retail’s $169 each.

For city folk, the Draft Dodger is a more relaxed fit, wind blocking shell for commuting or casual riding. It has zippered front hand warmer pockets and forearm vents, plus 360º reflective visibility. Retail’s $189.


The new Median Strip Heatwave merino wool jersey is a slimmer, retro styled piece reminiscent of the Molteni jerseys of yore. Three rear pockets mix two angled side ones with a zip center pocket. The bottom gets an extended tail but no elastic at the hem for a soft, comfortable fit that relies on wool’s inherent stretch. Retail is $109.


Lastly, several of their mountain bike shell shorts get a new Grey Seal color option. It mixes in just a hint of brown to match the dirt, but it’s subtle enough to pair with any color top you may have. Several of their tops get a new red color, not shown. See it all at GroundEffect.co.nz.


Swiftwick Aspire cycling running socks in bright colors

Swiftwick is celebrating Winter’s long overdue departure with a bright collection of colors in their Aspire sock line. Available in their Zero, Four and Twelve heights, pick from bright pink, red, green, blue or purple. Their standard black, white and gray are also available. Retail from $12.99 to $35.99.

Cinelli x Santini


While we didn’t realize you needed a team to compete in Gran Fondo rides (aren’t they just for fun?), Team Cinelli Santini exists to do just that. And now they’ve got a sweet new kit to match their bikes. Complete with bibshorts, jersey, cap, gloves and socks, the entire caboodle comes from Italian brand and sponsor Santini. The shorts run $115 and get their Max2 padding and silicone dots on the leg openings. The jersey’s $101 and uses Microsense fabric with three standard rear pockets. Sizes from XS up to XXL.


The gloves are $47, cap and socks are $20 each. Put it all together and you’ll look just like part of the winningest team in the Italian Gran Fondo Racing series. Get it here.



Foska is a UK brand formed by three mates with a desire for more colorful, lighthearted jerseys. With the concept hashed out in a pub (where else?), they’ve since brought out tops decorated like Newcastle Brown Ale, Fullers London Pride Pukka Pies and Marmite. Now, they’ve added one celebrating “Britain’s favorite sauce” – Heinz Ketchup. It’s a sport cut (not too snug, not too loose) made of CoolMax with a 3/4 zip. Retail’s only £48.95 at Foska.com.


  1. The 80’s called and it wants it neon colors back. It bad enough that all the joggers are wearing neon everything, let’s not do the same for cycling.

  2. I like the neon better than shitty colors like mustard, maroon, pea green, copper orange, etc. on a lot of biking gear. 99% of bike gear looks hideous in my opinion. Either you’re a soccer storm trooper in euro kit, or a Harry Potter dark elf in your drab Rapha gear.

  3. @joe I am a big fan of the bright color fad. Personally I am sick of seeing flat black road bikes everywhere. They have no personality or soul. I say bring on the bright ass colors. It’s already happening in cyclocross and mountain biking so road bikes are probably next.

  4. @Vince, @BBM, ok give neon a season and everyone will be calling it retro again. Lets at least agree that no guy should be wearing white shorts or bibs.

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