ballers ride nix frix shun ultimate bicycle chain lube

Looking for a chain lube that’s baller approved? As in, the stuff made by people that build, ride and eat/sleep/breathe bikes for a living? NFS could be it.

Nix Frix Shun was developed by Josh Simonds, one of the main guys behind Velocipede Salon and The Baller’s Ride. It’s an industrial strength chain lube that needs only a minimal amount on the chain but lasts up to 300 miles per application. The formula quickly seeps into the chain, getting between the links and rollers for smooth, quiet operation while moving dirt, dust and gunk out to the surface to be wiped away. And that’s all the maintenance they suggest, just wiping the chain, until you start to hear your chain getting “dry”. At which point you simply use about 5 drops worth to restore lube levels and carry on. They say it’ll withstand moisture, whether it’s rain or bike wash stations.

The bonus? It supports the Baller’s Ride, which ultimately supports much of the innovation squirted into the industry by some of the best handmade bicycle builders around…

ballers ride nix frix shun ultimate bicycle chain lube

A small 2oz bottle goes for $15, and they say it’ll last a very, very long time. Initial application should only use about 10 drops, and subsequent lube jobs half that. I’ve put it on one of my bikes and it both smells like an industrial lube and seems to work like magic.

All profits subsidize travel costs for frame builders attending the Baller’s Ride, an annual gathering of top frame builders to mingle, talk shop and learn. And ride. A lot, apparently, and we’re planning on popping in this year for a look at what everyone’s riding…if I can keep up. Get a bottle at or ask for it at your local shop.

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While you’re shopping, check out their other small goods and let everyone know what a ballin’ ride you’ve got.


  1. I’ve been using NFS for about the last 6 months. Definitely the best chain lube I’ve ever used, and is the only lube I WILL use, unless Josh comes up with something better.

  2. …and it’s only $10 shipping for one little bottle! I thought about ordering this a while back (I love the V-Salon), but balked at the $25 total price.

    Do any shops in PDX carry this? I haven’t seen it, but I only frequent a couple of shops.

  3. This stuff is the real deal. I’ve been using it since Josh first put it on the market and it’s hands down the best chain lube I’ve ever used. Just follow the directions closely and don’t go heavy handed in the application. Even in heavy rain, the chain stays pretty quiet.

  4. you don’t …. the oil will naturally distribute through the whole chain when ridden…

    This stuff will produce the quietest drivetrain in Christendom.

    It really does work.

  5. This stuff is no joke. The first application I ended up putting too much (didn’t believe the directions) so it got messy. But once I got that straightened out…. it works awesome. Rides in rain, mud and dry are all fixed with a simple wipe down.

    Not sure exactly what it is but it smells like chain saw bar oil to me.

  6. Boogerman – the full length instructions say to put the chain in the hardest combo (ie. 53-12) and pedal backwards quickly while running a thin, mostly gravity fed bead on the inner plates then outer plates. Then just back pedal it for a minute to help it spread itself around, then pedal forward running up and down the gears a couple times, then wipe any excess off. I suppose you just have to back pedal fast during application.

  7. Best chain lube I’ve used. Recommend NFS handups on the local commuter circuit to cut down on the noise pollution. Yeah, the shipping price is high, but being an early adopter has it’s costs… and benefits. If you don’t want to foot the cost of shipping, convince you’re LBS to become a dealer.

  8. You can also order a couple bottles to cut down on the per bottle shipping price and you’ll be plenty stocked up on chain lube for years. Maybe not years, but it will last a long time.

  9. @Eric
    It works great in dry climates. I used it in Dallas, Tx and even after two hours at River Legacy which is silty my chain was still ghostly quiet. Just wipe the side plates after you ride and you’ll be fine.

  10. Agree with Matt S, get a couple and the shipping isn’t so bad. It’s odd how this stuff works.
    Smells industrial, and just a little does it. Hard to believe how good this is, but it simply works!
    Conductor Approved!

  11. Some good testimonial here – I wonder if it can unseat ATB-red lube for rain riding. It’s somewhat of a staple for the PDX area.

  12. Forgive me if I label this stuff snakeoil.
    But do any of you have any idea how long the these anecdotal praises for chain lube have been used to hype new product in both MTB and Moto?
    It really is a joke. Fact is there is only a few things a lube is capable of doing and only a couple of approaches they use.
    When I hear how “magic” the new lube of the day is I have to laugh.
    Until I see way more empirical evidence which never seems to come since there really is no independent media to analyze products performance we will have to try all the different products which is what they depend on for sales.
    I will keep using my Dumonde Tech until I feel it is failing, which it never seems to do.

  13. @chasejj, I use to use Dumonde until I tried NFS. Without any hyperbole it is definitely the best chain lube I’ve used. The evidence is in the use and I’d be willing to bet it would be at the top of the charts on all criteria. I runfour bikes with it, have used for 8 months and only a third bottle used, For Brads concern on price you’ll easily buy two or three bottles of other lube in the same time.
    For application you just turn the crank and drop 10-12 drops on the chain. Keep cranking for a minute then go ride the wheels off it.

  14. chasejj- why call a product “snake oil” if you’ve never tried it?

    You’ve endorsed DT. We’ve endorsed NFS.
    The real joke is you’re no different than those you are laughing at.
    What independent lab reports do you have supporting DT? None. Other than your experience. Get it?

    I have not tried DT. But I wouldn’t trash talk it until I did.

    But now that I’ve used NFS, I can’t imagine anything better.

  15. Conductor-Exactly my point. You are missing the irony in post.
    My experiences are as worthless as all these other posts planted by the mfg . There is NO MAGIC LUBE.
    Chain lube does really one thing. Lubricate the rollers to reduce the wear rate of the chain.
    A side benefit is that you would like to minimize the collection of dust and maximize the resistance to water/dirt making it’s way to the rollers.
    Bottom line is any oil is pretty good at this, but an oily mess is not very attractive for the average rider.

    Wax lubes are one way to do this and only really exist due to people hating the cleaning and removal issue associated with proper chain maintenance. The bonus to these for some is the BS of their “green” label due to the minimal VOC carrier. IMO they are a very poor substitute for a properly cleaned and lubed chain.
    The other way is a lubricant and a VOC carrier (which evaps away).
    There are some variations in lubricants in these but all of them are adequate.

    Bottom line is you have to clean your chain frequently which nobody likes to do and those that do almost always do it improperly.

    So the cycle of chain lube BS continues in perpetuity.

    If you want a clean well lubed chain that stays relatively clean for hundreds of miles. Wash out the packing grease from a new chain with mineral spirits (a heated ultrasonic jeweler/parts cleaner is excellent for this but not necessary), then wash in rubbing alcohol to clean all remnants of oils. Let dry.
    Then lube each roller with a drop or 2 of your favorite lube. ride a bit and wipe clean. Periodically wipe down with a rubbing alcohol soaked rag and reapply the lube. Any lubricant will always pick up dust, it is unavoidable. The secret is to minimize the amount of residual lube and frequent minor cleanings.
    I am sure NSF works just fine. It appears almost identical to DT, ProGold, Boeshield and the myriad of other VOC Lubes out there.

  16. I have used every chain lube that’s mentioned here. In my real-world experience, only Chain-L lasts longer than NFS. That said, it’s easier (read, less messy) to refresh an NFS-lubed chain than one that’s been treated with Chain-L.

  17. uhhh, I gotta comment on the following…. “Wash out the packing grease from a new chain with mineral spirits”. The company I work for provides the factory fill grease for one of the three major group manufacturers that many of us ride. Their engineers would have a stroke if you told them that removing their original grease was being recommended. THEY have data.

  18. JeffM-Sorry, but that packing grease serves only to gradually collect dirt and turn into a sort of grinding paste over time. I am sure the mfg would prefer it remain in place. But in my experience my chains stay super clean and require less maintenance and cleaning as a result. But you need a heated ultrasonic cleaning tank to get it out 100%.
    Good lubes do what is needed w/o the grease in the links. My chains last considerably longer w/o the grease and very light applications of lube with frequent wipedowns.
    Try it and you will see.

  19. I used a heated ultrasonic cleaning tank to bring a new 9sp Dura-Ace chain to bare metal. I had to run it a couple times and it created quite a mess – that grease is so sticky! After that process I’ve been using ATB (red) lube and the chain has lasted a remarkedly long time (including lots of rain riding).

    With all the recommendations to keep the factory grease I was thinking of trying that next time. But chasejj’s comments tend to support my experience so maybe it’s back to the tank…

    I’ll also mention that the comparisons of NFS to Chain-L scare me a bit – I really despised Chain-L. It was too sticky, and it stank!

  20. NFS and Chain-L are not alike.
    I used to clean my chain at least once a week while using any of the top wet lubes. I now only have to clean it maybe once a month and I’m pretty pedantic about having a clean drivetrain.
    NFS doesn’t claim to save you watts. What it does claim is to run cleaner and increase the life time of your drivetrain. In my experience it does that and using a hell of a lot less than any other lube.
    It’s not going to win or lose you a race and a best time some where but it does make for a cleaner smoother running drivetrain.

  21. I’ve used NFS for the past 4 months or so on my new bike/chain. I definitely on the bandwagon for this stuff. The smell reminds me of the lube I used on my moto 6 years ago. I wonder if it’s the same stuff…

  22. It may or may not be marginally better than other lubes, but at $25 (including shipping) for 2oz I won’t be trying it.

  23. Overly priced for starters. Then it’s essentially as thick in its viscosity as honey which lessens its chance to critically penetrate between plates and get quickly in-between the pin and roller which is beyond critical. No doubt it possesses outstanding performance qualities but I’ll stick with one product that goes on as thin as water and gets to all areas right away then sets up a long term bond……………..

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