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As part of their new grip range, Ergon has introduced a new GS1 which is perfect for bikes running grip shifters. Designed for cross country use, the grips use a single aluminum clamp combined with their new proprietary DirectControl Lightweight rubber compound. The rubber is more pure and results in a softer, more durable grip that won’t break down over time like other rubber compounds from sun and sweat. Found on the entire GS line for 2014, the rubber was developed and manufactured in Germany and is contaminant free, Phthalate free, and meets the highest levels of material safety standards in Europe.

GS1s are sold in 1x or 2x/3x drivetrain versions and include a removable grip donut which can be used to lengthen the grip for larger hands. The Dual Twist version weighs in at 135g per pair, and retails for $39.95.


  1. Have you tried them? Don’t think they suit everyone, but I was getting numb hands with normal grips; problem solved with Ergons.

  2. Switched to them on my new FS bike at the end of last year. They’re going on every MTB I will own for the foreseeable future.

  3. a friend switched all 4 of his mtbs to have these ergon grips, i never understood these things, looked awkward and uncomfortable.

    But since i have a preference to sram twisters, maybe now i will pick up a set and see what its all about.

  4. Have used the entire range, since they came out. Here in New England , you’ll find them on at least 75% of all mtb’s.
    One ride , you’ll never go back.

  5. You see ’em, and you don’t believe they can even work. You grab one in the store and you’re still skeptical that they’re rideable. Then you actually hop on a bike with them for a while and you realize that they’re amazing. You wouldn’t think that you could really get a grip on that big paddle but it turns out to be stable and comfortable.

    (For commuters and maybe light XC at least; never tried ’em on the more technical stuff. Sounds like they’re still pretty great out on the trails from the comments above.)

  6. Having spent years ridin dirt, a little bit of father-time has kicked in. From cubital tunnel/cyclist elbow symptoms I’ve evolved into the ergon grips-thank you Sonya looney. Nonetheless, their grips will continue to be on all my dirt bikes. They work and they work well. While not for everybody. And instead of coping an attitude on the look n function either buy them and give them a solid trial run or just move onto the next articles comment section and stir shit there. I know I’ll never ride traditional grips ever again

    Cheers to you@keville. You pretty much nailed it

  7. If you are young and/or wear flannel to ride….these might not be for you. Some people appreciate things that just work.

  8. Yeah, Ive tried them – but for a short time only. I never felt a need for a palm rest. Im not that young either. So it has a palm rest. Am I missing something? Makes bunny hopping more difficult also… I dont get it

  9. I tried quite a few different grips and these were the only grips I could find that would keep my hands from going numb.

    You don’t have to get it, but for the people that do these are a life saver.

  10. Can’t agree enough. These grips saved mountain biking for me.
    I work hard with my hands for a living. I don’t need to beat on them more when I ride.
    I love the ones with the bar ends on my rigid SS. 780mm bar . All leverage . If you ride rigid these grips are a game changer.

  11. I use GA1 EVO’s on my MTB’s, and love them. I tried using the GS1’s, but for some reason, I felt like I didn’t have as much control in technical stuff. I’m sure it’s just me, because I know plenty of people who use them in all conditions with no issues. I am considering a set of GS1’s with bar ends for bikepacking though.

  12. Just wanted to point out that the GS1s also apy to electric bikes with a throttle that require a half grip on the throttle side. I use them for a BH Neo Cross e-hybrid and they work great. Mentioned it to Ergon customer service so hope they add that to their gs-1 application list.

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