i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (5)

When we checked in with i9 on their all encompassing fat bike hubs at Frostbike, there was one hub standard missing – only we didn’t (officially) know it yet. That would of course be the new 150x15mm front spacing on the new RockShox Bluto suspension fat bike fork. Rather than making an entirely new hub, i9 is offering a replacement non-disc side end cap that will make their 135×15 hub Bluto compatible.

The end cap  adds 15mm in width to the hub, and requires a 7.5mm adjustment in dish to the non disc side which could mean that new spokes are needed depending on the build. One of the benefits of the 150mm spacing is that the resultant wheel is build with zero dish for improved strength especially on a fat bike. End cap kits to switch from a 135mm QR hub will run $30, and a single 150mm end cap will run $15 to switch from a 135x15mm set up.

Likely the bigger and more exciting news for most of you is i9’s new Ultralite Carbon disc wheels, which you can find full details on after the break!

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i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (10) i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (8)

According to i9, the response from their Ultralite Alloy disc wheels was so great, taking the design to carbon was an easy choice. Using their Ultralite carbon mtb rim from Reynolds, i9 builds the wheels to their road disc hubs for an awesomely light yet strong set of hoops perfect for cross, gravel, or road disc. The rim itself has the same dimensions as the 29″ Ultralite MTB rim so a 25mm outer/21mm inner width, tubeless ready profile (use tape and valves for tubeless),  and a weight of 375 grams.

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i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (2) i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (1)

Laced with 24 spokes front and rear, Ultralite Carbon CX wheels will be available as 15mm or QR front and 142×12 or 135mm quick release rear, and with Shimano/SRAM 10/11 or Campy 11 Torch 60 point, 3 pawl hub mechanism. Weighing in at 1320g for the pair, the wheels are available now in standard colors for $2450.



  1. They make some incredible stuff and exceptionally high quality, and it’s all made in Asheville, NC by a group of bonafide bike nerds. Best of all is their customer service. Give them a call sometime to chat.

  2. I own two sets. Every coworker in shop rides them. We’ve sold 11 sets this year so far. Every customer loves them. How’s that?

  3. @K11, I will follow suit with Wako29 and Damien. Love the wheels, and have had over 10 sets personally over the years between the road and MTB. All my MTBs have been the i9 aluminum spokes and I have never had an issue being a hard riding Clydesdale. Nothing matches the look/engagement/drool factor of your buddies, and no one matches the customer service in the industry. My only recommendation is make sure you follow the re-tensioning recommendations on the new wheels after a couple rides.

  4. I’ve had my I9 Trail 24 wheels for over a year now. So far no trouble other than having to replace a worn out bearing in the rear hub. Have put about 3000 miles on them. Would buy again.

  5. Unbelievable wheels and company in all respects. Lightest, strongest, best engagement, best looking, stiffest. Have owned and sold many of these over the years. loved them all. Service is easy and company stands behind their product 100%. Was initially suspicious of the alloy spokes but in all the years I have been riding them I have never broken a spoke. In my books, nobody even comes close. Also, at about $1100 for the alloy versions a very good deal. You will not be disappointed.

  6. I9 uses a tubeless ready bead profile that works best with UST/Tubeless type profile beads. Not like the NoTubes profile that fights with tires and causes swears

  7. @Kevin, they are limited to cx use. The hubs are not rated for mountain bike use, but you should check out the carbon ultralite set for mountain. They weigh in at about 25 grams more, and you can run XX1.

  8. I own a pair of i9 UL CX disc wheels and they’re the shiznit, but I have to raise an eye brow to carbon clincher rims for this application…running tubeless with a carbon clincher + gravel road racing and hammering in a cross race=cracked rim.

  9. I have the same question as @McClain…where are the Ultralight CX Carbon wheels? Only see the alloy version on their site (which looks great).

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