CDI Torq Tools adjustable t-handle torque wrench

A while back, we reviewed CDI’s miniature T-handle torque wrenches positively for their ease of use and convenient one-torque setting. But, with the myriad torque requirements of stems, handlebars, seat posts and saddle clamps, it could very easily become a wall full of individual wrenches.

Now, they’ve got an adjustable TorqControl wrench, spanning from 2nm to 8nm with a cam-over-clutch design for error proof settings. It uses a magnetic tip that holds standard 1/4″ bits and comes with 4/5/6mm and T25 Torx bits plus 4″ long 4mm and T25 bits. And a certificate of accuracy. Retail is $80, available through

Twist into more new gear below…


The Imperial War Musem has just put together the On Your Bike retro bicycle tool kit and bell, complete with a tin case for the former. The bell retails for £10 and the patch and tool kit for £15.


This poster from Anthony Oram pretty much sums up the best of this meme, and he’s got plenty more great bicycle inspired screen prints over here.


Profile Designs has flattened the water bottle into the RZ2, an aero hydration solution for triathletes and time trialists. It’s BPA free, made of food grade plastic, and uses an injection molded frame and composite cage to snap it into place and hold it tight. Recessed hand grips make it easy to grab, and standard water bottle mounting holes make it easy to install. Capacity is 14oz.

Wanna see both what a cargo bike is really capable of and how a documentary is made? Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Less Car, More Go and help make it a reality.

Selle Anatomica has updated their leather saddles to make them better and more user friendly. Changes like a new nose piece with standard hex key adjustments, a longer adjustment bolt and other refinements make their classic looking saddles better than ever.

Not exactly bike related but pretty darn cool, the Revi Charger could be a lifesaver if your phone is also your navigation home. It’s thin enough to slip into your saddle bag or jersey pocket and provides enough juice for a few hours extra talk time. Two models will be available, a 550mAh and 1440mAh, with the former being just 2.5mm thick. Both are sized like a credit card, making it just as easy to use them for a big night out as a big ride. Preorder now at


If the only thing that bothers you more than cell phones on a ride is mosquitos when you’re taking a snack break or waiting at the top of the stage for your endur-bros, check out La Fresh’s Travel Lite Natural Insect Repellent Wipes. They’re DEET free and verified effective by an independent third party lab. Ingredients like all natural peppermint oil, castor oil, olive oil, sesame oil & wheat germ oil should also make you smell nice and keep your skin from drying out.

If it’s heat rather than bugs that gets ya, check out the Arctic Cove bucket-top misting fan. Yes, I really wished I had this back when I did summertime 24 hour mountain bike races. It runs off a rechargeable battery and can even use Ryobi power tool batteries. Just stick it on any standard 5-gallon bucket filled with water and get ready to have a distinct advantage over anyone else in the pits.


Restrap, a boutique manufacturer of pedal straps, bags and other accessories has reworked their website to make international orders easier. They say their bespoke, entirely-made-in-house-in-Yorkshire bits have a growing audience outside the UK, and from the looks of their wares, we believe it. Check out the full collection at the new

Photo: Gizmag

This Lexus NXB concept mountain bike was introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show way back in November, but we just ran across it and thought it a fitting way to end this week’s group ride. While the aero bars are obviously for show and serve virtually no purpose on a mountain bike (even for Xterra folks), there are some interesting design cues that we like.

Photo: Gizmag

Note the way the handlebars mount to the fork stanchions, saving the weight of a stem and full handlebar. No reason why this couldn’t be pushed further, incorporating the handlebar itself into the top part of the fork’s crown, saving even more weight and minimizing parts. And making it out of carbon! Check out the full gallery over at Gizmag.


  1. How about a proper link to finding the CDI’s miniature T-handle torque wrench. Trying to find it in Snap-On’s site is a bit difficult… Still haven’t found it.

  2. 2-8 Nm is not enough. To change out a Shimano left crankarm, the required torque is 12-14 Nm. This is probably my biggest use of a torque wrench (moving Stages Power meter from bike to bike)

  3. You are correct Nick, Nm does stand Newton meters, a unit of torque measurement derived from the product of Newtons (force) and meters (length), however nm are nanometers, a measurement of length in the nano (1/1,000,000,000 meter) scale. Capitalization is important.

  4. @JasonK
    The SI requires either a space or a half-high dot between unit symbols in a compound unit (as follows: ‘N m’ or ‘N·m’ for the newton-metre). Unit names are common nouns and thus never capitalised apart from where any other common noun would be (e.g.: at the start of a sentence; as part of a title). ‘nm’ is, as you rightly say, for nanometre, the lower case ‘n’ denoting a factor 10^-9.

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