In a nutshell, production on the new units has started as promised in the second half of April, and we should have technical details on the changes and what’s new in two or three weeks. Warranty customers will get the first units, followed by shop and OEM orders.


  1. seems like you are trying to make a wrong, right, nice. i’m waiting for the rival 22 for cross, hope ya’ll see this post. thanks (to be current and be able to easily upgrade down the line)

  2. Did not they just release a completely new version of MTB brake, finally getting away from the inherently faulty “taperbore” design?

  3. i hope that whatever iteration of hydro brakes they come out with road and mtb, that the turkey gobble/squeal of the avid’s are a thing of the past.
    wondering the impact of both of these situations for Sram:
    1. the number of brakes they warrantied b/c of the noise and being unreliable (and those folks going to shimano brakes)
    2. The recall of their road disc and rim hydro’s….

    sort of a deep cutting double whammy

  4. @bababooey: In my experience, a lot of customers seeking this technology understand that it is in it’s infancy. The recall, though a major blow to SRAM, is something these customers are willing to wait through. SRAM wouldn’t be around if they didn’t make quality products.

  5. I am pretty cretain that SRAM President Stan Day said in the March 6 update that new hydros would start being DELIVERED April 15. Now, they state the second half of April as the comencement of production for said hydros. Their public service announcments are as inconsistent as their brakes. Really hope SRAM can get it together with their brakes as I really like the performance of their other components but have been horribly dissapointed with mtb and now road (actually on my CX bike) braking systems.

  6. Hands down SRAM screwed the general public on this. They are based in Colorado and the reports of brake failure came from Pro/CAT1 racers in Colorado. Their prices on everything have gone up astronomically because their warranty departments are taking parts back by the thousands, dishing out more crap parts in return and throwing the warrantied units into landfills. The only thing SRAM has going for them is the Rock Shox Division and the Zipp division. Ever wonder why a new high end suspension fork costs upwards in the low thousands? It’s to make up for all their screw ups/warranties. As an industry mechanic I hope they suck a big fat one and loose a lot of their OEM Deals. I’m not saying Shimano is the bomb, but for frocks sake, I have filed thousands of SRAM Division warranty claims in the past year compared to less than 100 from every other manufacturer I deal with.

  7. The crisp and smooth shifting of my Shimano Ultegra and the perfect fatigue free braking of my XTR brakes are a pleasant reminder about avoid buying everything SRAM.

  8. @ Gene, don’t really understand what you are talking about.

    @ bababooey, you couldn’t be more right. I had Juicy ultimates and then two pairs of XX brakes before I couldn’t take my rides being ruined by shreeking noises of a possessed turkey before i just paid to switch to XTR. Now I enjoy riding and my friends enjoy riding with me.

    While I will never own another pair of SRAM brakes, I do appreciate them pushing drive train technology forward.

  9. by no means am I one of those Sram haters. I had several versions of Avid XO/XX/ and now Avid Trail brakes….I like both Sram and Shimano and yes Specialized as well. The people that have the polarizing hate of any/all of those are free to “cut their own deal”and hate all they want….Neither company sets out to build and sell the noisy stuff, the unreliable stuff, etc……they are in it to create great tech and to push the tech envelope. They’ll get it right. Its just too bad that they took a heavy blow to the chin on this one. Maybe take the time to get it right and work out all the bugs. While some may say that Shimano is late to the game on their single chainring stuff, one has to wonder if maybe they are the “smarter, wise old man” that sits and perfects their craft before a “hurried” approach…..Sram, Shimano, Specialized continue to rock the tech boat (it keeps others on their toes while they lead)…

  10. bababooey – very well said sir.
    I too am a big fan of specialized. I’m also a fan of both shimano AND sram. Each has it’s own products that are better than the other (Which a lot of the time is rider preference). That’s why they are both at the top of the game, they are the best.
    Every company has mess ups, and when buying something Sram is JUST bringing to market, they are usually the first to jump in with a new product (like you said) there are going to be hiccups.
    I do, however, appreciate shimano and specialized both doing this recently and waiting out a particular fad to see how well it takes and how they can do it in their own way (Shimano with the 11 speed mtb drivetrains and Specialized with 650b).
    I am really anxious to see how this new XTR drivetrain will perform.

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