Rei:sel design is known for their high quality decal/wrap artwork on bicycles. We saw them at Eurobike last year and were pretty impressed with the seamless finish.

Now, they’ve partnered with fellow German brand Lightweight to create four different Meilenstein road wheels. The wheels are sent without any Lightweight logos or graphics on them directly to Rie:sel, then the appliqués are applied and sealed onto the rims. This process ensures long life and eliminates the opportunity for Lightweight’s logo to eventually show through. And it only adds 60g to the pair. Options are as follows, with descriptions directly from Lightweight:

  • MEILENSTEIN – EdelBunt: Have the heart to do it, leave all grey behind and show that you are showing up!
  • MEILENSTEIN – SchattenSeite: You stalk your enemies like a shade – and just pass them easily!
  • MEILENSTEIN – AspHalt: Don´t be surprised if the road behind you just cracks because of your sprint!
  • MEILENSTEIN – KopfStein: It´s a rough terrain but you overcome it easily!

The wheels are available directly through Rie:sel Design in both clincher and tubular versions.


  1. gross…worse than the obnoxious enve decals, but not by much. (comment is NOT based on products performance, but on the visual treatment, which is the article)

  2. I agree with K11. Very tacky cartoons? What’s up with that? On the other hand, a service like this with tasteful design could look cool. I’d love a service that would allow you to have a frame stripped and repainted, real brand decals applied, then clear coated. Something as good as original paint, or like a modern equivalent to what Colnago did with Art Decor. Just good looking colors and logos, no goofy stripes or tribal tattoos or camoflage.

What do you think?