Barfly SLi-Fly garmin handlebar mount with integrated GoPro or bicycle light mounting options

At Interbike last year, Barfly showed off an expanded range of their plastic mounts for many brands of cycling computers and a separate one for GoPro cameras. They also added 35mm clamp diameters to the lineup. Now, they’ve combined many of those features into a single mount and started machining it out of alloy.

“We wanted to create a platform for riders to mount a computer as well as a GoPro, light, junction box and other accessories,” said Barfly’s Greg Hillson. “In order order to achieve this, we created a new mounting platform. We collaborated with MasterCam, the global leaders in CAM software. Utilizing their expertise and technology, as well as our head engineers’ 25+ years in multidiscipline engineering, we created the SLi Fly.”

Here’s how it all comes together…


The SLi computer mount will be available April 22nd for $49.95 for the 31.8 handlebar version. The 35mm handlebar clamp size will be $54.95. The bolt-on GoPro mount will be sold separately for $15, as will any future options.


BarFly tate labs gopro mount sl bag gopro garmin mount20140413_0907

The clamp has a nice, minimalist hinge and single bolt mechanism. The camera and other mounts simply bolt into the two holes visible in the top photo.

BarFly tate labs gopro mount sl bag gopro garmin mount20140413_0901 BarFly tate labs gopro mount sl bag gopro garmin mount20140413_0900

That wasn’t the only new Gopro accessory the BarFly crew has been working on, as they showed this interesting Bottle Mount as well. Using a cap that fits a standard Specialized or Nalgene thread, the mount allows a Gopro to be easily attached to the top of a water bottle. There are quite a few ways this set up could be used, but we’re told that when the bottle is placed in a seat tube mounted bottle cage it provides a really cool view of the front end of the bike and the surrounding scenery. You can’t drink from the bottle without taking off the lid, but filling the bottle with water or sand can act as a weight to keep the camera from blowing over. The cap will retail for $15.

soc14-Barfly-Hopper-saddle-bag-straps01BarFly tate labs gopro mount sl bag gopro garmin mount20140413_0902 BarFly tate labs gopro mount sl bag gopro garmin mount20140413_0903

Their Hopper saddle “bag” is available now for $17.95. It’s basically a crisscrossed strap system that captures a tube or small bag (they recommend reusing a coffee bag) with tools and such in it. The design compresses everything from multiple angles to prevent clattering and clanging.

In other news, their GoPro mount shown last year is now available for $49.95 and has a new VIRB (Garmin) camera mount option.

Lastly, they’re launching an insurance program for components mounted to their products. For $20 a year, you can insure qualified devices up to $250 retail value. For $40 per year, they’ll cover devices over $250 (Garmins, GoPros, iPhones, etc.). Both plans have a $50 deductible and must be using Barfly mounts. No, they don’t expect their stuff to break, but accidents do happen.


  1. It’s not a huge segment of users, but the Barfly 2.0 doesn’t leave room for the USB connection for those of us who need to use an external battery to keep our Garmins going on long rides. With the original, at least you can tilt it up to give the port some room over the top of the bar.

    Also, I wish they would provide a truly integrated mount for the Di2 junction, rather than rely on the user zip tieing or glueing it.

  2. Since Di2 users are a target market, they should sell a version with a *left* side bar mount, to make room for the SW-R600 remote climbing shifter on the right side.

    Also agree with @Paul, an integrated mount for the Di2 SM-EW90 junction box would be nice. Make it modular if they have to.

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