Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0899

For those of you clamoring for a company to develop a reasonably priced wide range cassette alternative, Box has your number. It should be said that the 1x drivetrain from Box is still very early in development, but they are working on it. Along with the development of their 10 speed mountain bike drivetrain (which should finally be available this winter), Box has been quietly developing an alternative to SRAM’s XX1/X01 and now Shimano’s 1x XTR. A number of the details are still being worked out, but we got a sneak peek of the prototype cassette and 1x and clutched derailleurs with a run down from the system’s designer, John Calendrille Jr. himself…

Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0893

Really, there are three different projects currently in the works for Box (that we know of) – a 10 speed mountain bike drivetrain, a 10 speed clutched rear derailleur for that drivetrain, and a new 1x system which will probably be 11 speed.

Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0894

When we say will probably be 11 speed, we’re told that there will definitely be an 11 speed 1x system in the future, but the current prototype cassette is an 11-42 10 speed version. Box says they haven’t decided if they will release a 10 speed version of the system including the cassette just yet, but based on feedback we’ve heard from consumers, we say it would be a good idea for a full cassette option for 1x conversions. John Calendrille mentioned that for now they are only working on an 11-42 range cassette to offer the widest range out of a 1x drivetrain without using a 10t cog.

The current prototype cassette shows that Box is experimenting with different materials, using steel for the first 4 cogs, Titanium for the middle 3, and aluminum for the largest 3. The result is a cassette that weighs about 300 grams in the 11-42 size.

Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0896 Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0897

To go along with the cassette, Box is developing a new 1x derailleur that uses different parallelogram geometry and a slightly different cage to work with the bigger cassette. The derailleur will be able to climb to the 42t cog while still offering proper chain wrap – which is the issue when using a standard 10 speed derailleur with one of the cassette adapters.

Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0890

Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0892 Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0890

The other first look, is their new clutched derailleur for both the upcoming 10 speed mountain system and the future 11 speed versions. We’ve heard that this has been in development but this is the first we’ve seen of it in person. Just an early prototype, we’re told that the derailleur will most like not have an adjustable clutch, but will have some feature to help with wheel removal and installation. Box hopes to have the clutched derailleur fast tracked for delivery this winter along with the first production of the 10 speed group.

Some pretty exciting stuff in the works from Box – what do you think?


  1. All this company does is recreate other companies products a few months after they are released. Literally every product they make.

  2. This cassette/derailleur is what Shimano should have put out this year (or last). If it works and is a decent weight, I’d put it on every bike in my garage.

    Box… if you’re listening… there are a lot of riders out there who would love this in a 10speed set up.

  3. how about they release there normal drivetrain first before teasing more sh*t. They have been in development for the best year. Now they havent released the normal 10 speed drivetrain? Does not make sense to me. They just made their 10 speed drivetrain they have put so much money into absolute.

  4. A man can dream..

    Box, please come out with an 8/9sp version of the clutched derailleur that uses the old mega-9 cable pull ratio! With a short cage..puuuhhhhleeeeeeezeeee!

  5. @Brian: You can use a 10sp ShadowPlus RD with Sram shifters, you know, plenty of talk going over that on MTBR and other forums.

  6. Any news on the tooth counts for the 10sp 11-42 cassette? If someone came out with a half-decent 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 23, 27, 31, 36, 42 compatible with a normal freehub, they would clean up the wide range 1×10 adaptor market.

  7. 10 speed group has been done. Just buy a general lee and use any clutch mech you like. Been running one for 14 months and no problems. Why are they developing something that has already been done and done well!!!! Oh and they do it in either a 40t or 42t version. Dont see the point of this.

  8. What I want is a 10 speed 11-40, 11,13,15,,30.34.40. It’s pretty smooth and even with no ridiculous jumps and if the Lo cluster was 4 cogs a 28,32,36,42 would be good too. Wishing I had one of these for my 1×10 knockaround bike which has a Wolf 28t dropstop chainring. 😉

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