DVO Diamond 27.5 ForkHot of the success of the recently launched Emerald downhill fork, DVO will soon be launching their new Diamond platform. Using many of the technologies developed for their top tier dual crown fork, this trail fork eschews the current trend of simplifying tuning options. Instead, it introduces an unprecedented amount of  user serviceability and customization.

So drop past the break to learn what all the knobs do!

DVO Diamond Side ShotThe Diamond is expected to retail for $1,100 and should be available next month in a 140/150/and 160mm (all internally adjustable via a step ladder system) travel for all  three of the current wheelsize standards.

This model  only arrived the day before the show and was not fully assembled, although they did have several of the internals available for photos.

DVO Diamong AdjustmentsOn the air sprung fork you will find the typical high and low speed compression adjustments, which Bryson Martin tells us are generic, but offer a good tuning range when coupled with the other built in tuning adjustments built into the fork.DVO Diamond Negative Spring

The OTT adjustment compresses a smaller secondary spring, housed within the main negative spring assembly

For example, the OTT (Off The Top) dial allows you to adjust the negative air spring. This means even riders of widely different body weights can still get the same level of performance out of the fork, because it can be tuned in conjunction with the air spring to dial in sag.

According to their sponsored racers, the adjustment makes a huge difference when switching from hard pack terrain to loam, because in hardpack you need more sensitivity of the top in the initial 30-40mm of travel to maximize traction.

DVO Bottom Loader Shim StackAt the bottom of the fork, The Loader compression adjustment assembly system allows riders to tune any part of the stroke with a set of shims. An aftermarket shim kit (seen here) which is available for both the Emerald and Diamond forks, will allow users to tune the fork for different terrain in a way you simply can not with adjusters. This aftermarket loader can be installed quickly without requiring a full fork rebuild, so racers can quickly try out different tunes between practice laps.

With the emphasis on tune ability, it should also come as no surprise that DVO also has full tech break downs off all the different features, a portion of the site where riders can share their preferred settings, and will also custom tune your fork for your riding style directly from the factory. Check it out and more at DVOsuspension.com.


  1. Hey ‘that guy,’ do you know that DVO forks are in fact made by Suntour, albeit on separate production line? I think the internal look pretty good, although Euro prices remain to be seen.

  2. Hey ‘that guy,’ do you know that Durolux as plush as Pike, but with both slow and high speed compression adjustments? You can also get on-the-fly travel change from 160mm to 120mm or 180mm to 140mm by just pressing a button.
    Suntour forks may be cheap, but almost no one can withstand their performance.
    sry for bad english

  3. The guys behind Devo are a great bunch with more experience than most can poke several sticks at. I personally prefer something to work really well first and foremost and I am sure these are going to be great forks.

  4. We appreciate the comments guys. Remember this is literally the first prototype. As we did with the Emerald, we are showing every step in the development process of the Diamond. The final production version won’t disappoint!

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