Fakawitribe MIRAGE  upsidedown inverted fork Close up

Whether you identify yourself with the 26″ crowd or the wagon wheel crew, the Mirage fork uses a fancy acronym to cater to your every wheel size whim. Using a special hydraulic jack system dubbed FACRS (Free Adjust Control Reversible System), the fork stanchions lengthen and shorten to accommodate the big, bigger, and biggest wheelsizes that are currently popular today.
We’re not sure how the system works, maybe it’s a simple telescopic movement of the portly 45mm upper stanchions, or perhaps both the lower and upper tubes expand to accommodate different wheelsizes.

Fakawitribe MIRAGE  upsidedown inverted forkThe lower stanchions of the fork are 35mm wide and likely slide into the upper tubes to provide suspension damping.

Via FakawiTribe.com


  1. “We’re the Fakawi Tribe” – joke punchline… OK, if this is legit, the pic worrying on several Photoshop levels.

  2. You guys all realize that this is a photoshopped, fake image, right? As in it’s not real? They didn’t even do a good job editing the photo.

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