Easton Haven 35mm OD Carbon and Alloy riser handlebars for trail riding mountain bikes

Easton kicked off the 35mm diameter clamp section for mountain bikes with the Havoc group at Crankworx in 2011. Those were DH specific parts, using a direct mount stem and being way overbuilt for “normal” riding.

Now, they’ve introduced the Haven 35 bars and stem, offering High and Low rise options in both Carbon and Alloy. Width for all bars has grown to 750mm. That’s up from 740mm for the current Haven Aluminum 31.8 model (still in the line, for now) and 720mm for the EA/EC70 risers. Height’s are 20mm or 40mm for both materials, and most have black, blue and green color options, a few include red.

All models get a 9º bend and 5º upsweep. Grab more details below…

Easton Haven 35mm OD Carbon lo rise handlebars for trail riding mountain bikes

The Haven 35 Carbon Low Rise comes in at just 188g, only 2g heavier than the narrower EC70. Easton credits the wider center section and materials expertise (plus two years of seeing how it performed as the Havoc) with getting the weights so low even as it’s grown in every direction. They also say it’s tuned for excellent vibration damping and a smooth ride without giving up precision handling.

Easton Haven 35mm OD Carbon Hi rise handlebars for trail riding mountain bikes

The Haven 35 Carbon High Rise clocks in at a claimed 205g. Also available with blue graphics.

Easton Haven 35mm OD Alloy lo rise handlebars for trail riding mountain bikes

The Haven 35 Alloy Low Rise has a claimed weight of 270g. That’s 20g less than the 720mm wide EA70 riser! Their Taperwall technology is the secret, which is their proprietary method for changing tube thickness exactly where they want to without creating abrupt butting or stress risers.

Easton Haven 35mm OD Alloy Hi rise handlebars for trail riding mountain bikes

The Haven 35 Ally High Rise is 280g and also comes in Black ano.

Easton Haven 35mm ID stem for trail riding mountain bikes

The new Haven 35 Stem comes in 90, 70, 50 and a very short 40mm. Claimed weight is 138g for the 50mm. Black only, made of CNC machined aluminum.

All items are available now. Carbon bars are $160, alloy bars and the stem are $100.



  1. 35s will be too much for some. 31.8 was fun but can’t help roll the current wheel size well enough. 33Bs which are currently in the proto stage making their debut this weekend @ PMB & @ the 1st EWS in Chile will be the standard.

  2. Maybe it’s all in my head – but after putting 35dia Havoc bars on my 5Spot I became a TRAIL ANIMAL. Worth every penny and nice to see the standard coming to the Haven product line and likewize being adopted by others.

  3. Cool to see the stem finally coming in AM lengths but why are the bars still so narrow? 750mm seems pretty narrow for a DH-specific bar.

  4. At 6’3″ and close to 200 lbs fully loaded, I’ve never once felt that either my 31.8 Al or carbon Haven bars were flexy… and I aint no gentle touch on the bars. Width wise, there are areas on trails I ride where getting the 740’s through trees is an issue already, yay for wider bars.

    Like @groghunter says, all good if I can get some more 31.8’s for cheap.

  5. @Dirty D
    Most motorcycles don’t require a 188g bar.

    All the negativity on here all the time is exhausting, quit bitching and ride your bike if you don’t want to hear about the future of mountain biking.

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