SRAM_MTB_RISE_XX_Front_Dynamic_MHWith the introduction of the new Rockshox RS1 fork, SRAM is looking to make a serious dent in the lucrative and fast paced world of XC racing.

So to compliment their innovative new wonder fork, they’ve created a brand new set of XC racing wheels called the Rise XX Carbon. These feather light wheels weigh 1285 gm and are available only for 29″ bikes, because the large majority of XC racers prefer that wheelsize.

*Updated* With New Photos

So how will these wheels help you reach the top of the podium?

SRAM_MTB_RISE_XX_Front_Side_MHThere are many important components to building a good wheel, but low rotational weight is the most important for XC racing. In order to achieve the lightest weight rim possible, the engineering team developed a carbon tuned rim built for tubular tires. By optimizing the rim for tubulars, SRAM were able to product a 29er rim that weighs a mere 325 gms!

The rear hub is built using their double time technology, which uses 4 pawls ratcheting across 26 teeth, for a healthy 52 points of engagement. Both hubs have high flanges, for increased stiffness and riding precision.SRAM_MTB_Predictive_Steering_Hub_MSRAM_MTB_RISE_XX_PS_Hub_Axle_M

The Rise XX wheels will also be available with the massive predictive steering hub required to utilize the inverted RS1 XC fork. Those hubs where developed specifically for the new fork and cannot be converted to any other standard.The standard hubs can be converted to virtually any axle standard.


Sram XC Race Carbon wheel comparisonSram Predictive Steering Hub WeightsFor comparison, the new Enve M50, which is their dedicated XC rim that also launched today, weighs roughly 5 grams more a rim. Built to DT Swiss hubs, a pair of has a claimed weight that is 4 grams heavier and will retail for $2718.

PricingSRAM Carbon XC Pricing

The expected shipping date is May 4th.


  1. It looks like giant’s 27.5 marketing campaign has failed. With Sram going all 29er, the 29er is now the official xc racing wheel of the industry.

  2. Why are you comparing tubular rim weights to clincher rim weights? Tubular is always lighter. Look at Enve’s “old” (as of today) rim weights, the tubular are around 100g lighter. This comparison doesn’t make sense to me, you have to look at the system weight. If you look at Schwalbe racing Ralph weights for similar sized tires the tubulars are about 100g heavier so it’s a wash. And ultimately makes Enve’s new clincher weight all the more impressive.

  3. Man that is sweet. So with the new fork at $1865 and these wheels at $2718, these are some serious bargains. I will take 3!

  4. So I will likely never own these wheels nor the new fork and yes the price is insane. But so must be the massive R&D program at sram right now! Theyre coming out with huge new projects and products right and left! New brake line, new wheels, new fork, new drivetrains.

  5. So, the XX is a tubular road rim.

    [checks interwebs]

    You can do a similar build [within ~100g/pair] for ~$700 + S/H + labour. The extra $2000 is for the decals, right? No?

    Must be R&D then – ’cause tubular rims, straight pull spokes and CNC-machined hubs didn’t exist before now.

  6. I don’t what exactly is new in these wheels. German manufacturers have offered uber-light wheels for ages, just not so extremely expensive, they cost about 1000 euros a set, whihc is half the price of this american ones by SRAM or ENVE.

  7. that’s actually kind of heavy for tubular wheels….

    I’m a big fan of sram but if you went with less weird hubs you could be closer to 1.2k

  8. On another thing, people bitching about price, would you ever actually own a set of mountain tubulars?

    There are a bunch of people all over the internet complaining about the price of current top spec parts. I say that they aren’t expensive enough. Even at the top levels there are measures being taken to keep costs down. Remember when XO used to come in nice plastic boxes? Now it comes in the same crappy cardboard as SX-3.

    If you want to make the worlds most expensive you have to gold plate the frame and use alligator for the saddle. Maybe instead of bitching at the prices, you should be thanking companies for taking the time to make this stuff, and in 3 years when they trickle that tech down to your price point, you can enjoy it too. But until then, keep buying your open mold Chinese wheels and finishing DFL in your weekly cat 5 races.

  9. Waaaahhh- These cost too much. Waaaaah-These weigh too much. Waaaaahhhh-I’ll never ride tubulars. Tubulars are stupid. Waaaaaaaahhh- I could’ve designed a better wheel.
    Waaaahhh- That picture is wrong. Waaaaah- I’m awesome.
    “What? OK Mom. I’ll be up for dinner in one minute as soon as I’m done watching this youtube video of some dude mountain bike rather getting on my bike then I have to complain on a few more forums and I’ll be right up. Is it OK if I wear my tighty-whities to the dinner table again?!?! Did dad finish my ramp in the driveway yet?!?!”

  10. (deleted) So if I use open mold rims I’ll finish dead last, but if I shell out for SRAM I’ll win, because the decals say SRAM? They’re a bargain because they’re not plated in gold and wrapped in alligator hide? Apparently SRAM managed to keep the price down to only $2700 by delivering them in frugal cardboard boxes. I’m sure there are people out there that would own mountain tubulars that would rather pay $1200 for a set than $2700. And I’m gonna call it now, the predictive steering RS1 combo is going to be a huge failure. Some people…

  11. No, Gerald, you are miss reading me entirely. I am saying that the Chinese open mold stuff is just that, open mold. There is no innovation being done, they are only trying to maximize profit. The cardboard boxes comment was an example of cost cutting on top level groupo’s. The DFL comment was to the people bitching about not being able to buy top spec parts that don’t need them. And the gold and alligator was about this bike.

    the only way to make it more expensive was to gold plate it, not to put nicer parts on it. I think that is more than a little wrong.

  12. Looks like BikeRumor got their embargo dates/pictures mixed up. Those are definitely tubeless clincher rims, not the tubular rims that are shown on SRAM’s website or the video.

  13. Your enve article was WAY better. Why would I buy SRAM wheels over enve? Sorry SRAM, they’re the best. Stick to drivetrains, SRAM! Stay away from brakes and ‘predictive steering’. Honestly, the Predictive Steering moniker sounds like it belongs on a cardboard disc, in the center of a wheel on a NEXT in Wal-Mart that retails for $99.


    Someone once told me that ‘SRAM’ is Polish; meaning – “I need to go take a sh*t”.

  14. Ok, so Stans’ Valor rims are only 285gr and cost less per set, WTF?
    I do not see any innovation here which would have required a huge R&D budget.
    Internal rim width?

  15. I love seeing anything SRAM posted on bikerumor. The comments are always exciting.

    “predictive steering” sounds fun. F- you whoever comes up with these stupid product names.

    Wheels look nice.

  16. Well at the pro level tubbies are still king , but the hardcore roadie set who actually buy there own components, high end clincher and tubeless are the the steadily chipping away at tubular tires. So sram going tubular , just introducing a gimmick that you do not need but the gear queers will have to have because it’s shiny, new and generates a lot of parking lot buzz.
    As for the price , whewww , maybe they could have saved money by using Shimano hubs.

  17. I went back and read some other posts, and according to BR readers, companies like Dash and ENVE should be long out of business, but both of those companies are growing. Hmm.

  18. All, we have updated the photos in the article to reflect the most current product. The photos originally posted were of an earlier rendition that are not and will not be produced and were erroneously sent over with the original press materials.

  19. My prediction is that Predictive Steering will have the same success as the Hammershmidt. Anyone remember it?

    P.S.: I would like to be as rich as Colin.

  20. no one ever said I was rich, I just think that “top spec” should be the absolute best a company can deliver, price no object. I’ll continue buying my mid level stuff, like Red and XX1.

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