For it’s 40th anniversary, Fox is releasing a completely redesigned 36mm fork. This work was once the standard by which all long travel single crown forks were measured by and had not received a major refresh in years. The all new fork sheds half a pound over the previous version, carries some new internal improvements, and features a convertible 15mm to 20mm thru-axle design that is sure to excite the gnarliest of enduro bros. Even more importantly, it’s available to everyone, regardless of wheel size. Whether you like your wheels big, bigger, or biggest, Fox finally has a burly option to match your rowdiest of intentions.

In addition to the updates found on the new 36 model, all the 32 & 34 forks have been improved with features developed by working with some of the world’s top athletes under the Racing Application Development (RAD) program. These features include updated damping tunes for better small bump compliance and traction and an increased array of compression adjustments. Previous models offered 3 only the fly CTD damping adjustments and 3 clicks of fine tuning adjustment in trail mode, while the new 2015 product will offer 7-clicks of trail mode adjustment.

Across the single crown product line (32, 34, & 36mm), a redesigned seal head architecture is claimed to virtually eliminate breakaway force. In addition to the redesigned damper seals, an advanced lubrication oil that integrated Molybdenum is claimed to offer even further improvements to suppleness.

*Update* Travel Sizes now listed at the bottom.

Of course, what everyone really wants to know about is those new 36mm forks! So drop past the break for even more details….

New 2015 Fox 36-axle-15mm and 20mm conversion

In addition to being lighter, the 36 RC2 damper has been updated with a redesigned valve system, which “provides better small bump compliance, reduced friction, better traction, and wider tuning range.” The entire chassis has also seen changes that are reflective of some of the advancements that have been made in magnesium casting, which also helped bring down the weight of recent models like the new Air 40. Additional weight was also saved with the new air spring system, which uses a negative air spring rather than a coil, for improved performance.

New Fox 36 2015 Convertibel Axle KitOne thing we’re sad to see go is the quick release system found on the previous model. The new fork appears to use a retention system borrowed from the 40 float, by using pinch bolts threaded into a removable back plate (which eliminates the risk of accidentally stripping out your fork). Giving up the faster front wheel removal system does offer one major benefit, which comes in the form of a convertible 15/20 mm axle. This standout system, which is without current precedent, allows users to run whatever wheel set they currently have.

The current float is available in 160mm and 180mm lengths, so this 36mm option will likely give consumers who were hoping for a 27.5″ 180mm Pike something else to look at. We don’t have a list of all the available wheel size/travel options, but will update as soon as we get the information.

New Special Editions

The Heritage Model2015-36-float-160-fNew for this year, Fox will be releasing heritage graphics based on their first motocross decals. Each kit includes decals for a fork and shock and they will be available in red, blue, white, green, and tennis ball yellow.FOX-36-heritage BikeRumor Instagram

I even photographed the same motorcycle that Fox used for their promotional materials!

 Oh yeah, and you all should just thank me personally for the rad sticker kit. As seen on our BikeRumor Instagram  I’ve been single handily campaigning for this for months!  It was tough work posting that picture on instagram and begging marketing wonder duo Mark Jordan and Alicia Burt over lunch, but I’m glad to see my hard work finally paid off. You’re all welcome.

Stealth Float Fork

2015-34-float-275-160-fit-rc2-fOn the less colorful end of the spectrum, the new limited edition Stealth model will perfectly compliment your murdered out build. With all black decals and black anodized hardware, this hot Kashima coated number proves that black is still the new black. There will be three models available with this color scheme:

  • 32 29”/100mm CTD w/Trail Adjust
  • 34 27.5”/160mm CTD w/Trail Adjust
  • 40 26”/203mm RC2

Technical Q&A w/ Global Marketing Manager Mark Jordan

Despite being busy getting ready for Sea Otter later this week, Mark was kind enough to briefly answer a few questions for us. We have a meeting with him later this week, so please leave any technical questions in the comments, and we’ll try to get them answered. – Ed

1) Do these changes all carry over to TALAS forks, too, or just the fixed travel models?

Yes, Talas forks, too.

2) Can you share some specifics about what changed on the seal heads, damper seals and lube oil that makes it so much smoother at breakaway?

Last year, one of the RAD program’s focus was to minimize friction and we had already been working on a new lubrication oil called 20wt Gold that is used in the 40 forks. The new damper seal head have a redesigned bushing and lip system that greatly reduces friction. This all adds up to a much smoother fork that provides great sensitivity, especially with the new damper tunes.

3) What exactly changed in the compression tunes to make them more supple over small bumps? As in, thinner shims? Bigger ports? Other?

On the 32 and 34 forks, we changed the configuration of the shim stack to provide less of a platform feel and more sensitivity. This changed will be noticed most in the Trail most but the tune as a whole is also more progressive.

4) Where did the weight savings on the 36 come from?

The 36 chassis was refined similarly to what we did the 32 and 34 chassis over the last couple years. It also uses a negative air spring rather than a coil, which helps it drop some weight too.

5) What does “equalizes rider weight for better traction” mean? ie. what’s happening inside the fork to do that and how does it benefit performance?

The air spring uses a positive and negative system that automatically equalizes at top out so it self-adjust during inflation for each rider weight. This helps provide the perfect negative spring rate for a given air pressure with increases sensitivity of the air spring.

* Update* The original press materials did not list the travel sizes for each of the models, but these are the wheel sizes and travel options that will be initially offered. The forks will be internally adjustable, but the spec has not been finalized.

26” – FLOAT and TALAS 160mm and 180mm,
27.5 – FLOAT and TALAS 160mm and FLOAT 170mm,
29 – FLOAT and TALAS 150mm and 160mm


  1. I know it is not cool to say. But FOX rules. They really do. Some years they lag behind trends as their corporate culture and sheer size prevents them from always jumping on the bandwagons. But when they apply themselves to a category they knock it out of the park.

  2. Any other improvements to the 34? Lighter chassis? Kabolt axle?

    Is the 36 gonna travel adjustable internally? A 140mm version would be sick!

  3. oh great black decals, now you won’t even be able to read what little information fox prints on their forks these days

  4. Just wondering – there seems to be a lot of discerning cyclists on this forum – each year manufacturers claim that each iteration of a fork (or brake or shock etc.) is simply better at almost everything it does, be reaction, speed, grip, aggressiveness, etc. (depending on the application)

    Can I ask; are you all noticing the ‘betterment’ year after year – I am in places – brakes and wheels, however forks – not so much. . .? Like hi fi – people had ears in the 1960s great hi fi speakers and vinyl players existed then – have these too become better year after year (yes some technologies have been supplanted but not necessarily for the better – mp3)? I’m not so sure – so I ask you good readers to give your views?

  5. @ file & padrote

    You can’t please everyone, but not buying the stealth decaled version would pretty easily solve the crisis for padrote.

  6. The stealth or blacked out decals is proof that companies are watching forums more than ever for trends…..12mths ago I had a set of decals made up to “black out” my Fox forks….and also other colours duri g the last few years…anyway

    So where is the 15mm Kabolt…..I want one!

  7. @padrote
    good point, I often forget the manufacturer and stanchion diameter of my fork, also the fact that they are “factory forx”, and with the tasteful all-black, I will not be able to remind myself.

    Air neg springs, finally, still available in 180 (and a 160 29″), still 20mm and no white in the press release… what’s not to like? Hopefully it will retain the ability to limit travel with a spacer.

  8. I will never trust Fox again in my life. After screwing me with always diving 2013 Talas (piece of crap that almost killed me) I will never buy anything form them. Selling half designed product to test on innocent customers.

    I am switching to BOS now.

  9. Im with ^^Mike, I have a 2013 fox 36 rc2 talas. As a customer who paid the premium for their “premium product,” I feel exactly the same way. this fork absolutely sucks, and I’m offered no trade in deal, or “crash replacement” deal. no, I get to pay full MSRP to replace my 18 month old fork that has never been able to keep up with my rigors of riding, on a brand name who’s “factory” line is supposed to be their highest level of performance. I was somewhat intrigued at the idea of updating the talas cart for $100, but now the seal head and all the new stuff makes me feel like test bunny.

  10. I have had two Fox forks and both make creaking sounds at the crown. Has anyone else experienced this. This is on their highest end fork.

  11. @Matt
    That’s a well known issue with Fox forks (search ‘fox crown creak’ or similar). If you’re within the warranty period they will replace your crown-steerer unit.

  12. I prefer some modern contrast and texture/patterns over retro and stealth looks and gaudy graphics. I actually like the ’12-’14 decals and the sculpted look of Fox’s new arch (as well as the Pike’s dropouts and crown sculpted look).

    Not a fan of the Pike’s Diffusion Black (grey). I like the Kashima over the black ano stanchions, but I do like the sag gradient markings, air pressure guide, and the little touches like the rabbit and turtle graphics for the rebound damping.

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