Chris King XD Iso HubFor high engagement hub aficionados, the long wait for XD driver compatible Chris King hubs is now at an end. After nearly two years of development, the American manufacturer is now producing XX1 compatible hubs in a wide variety of sizes – from 135QR to 157×12, and everything in-between.

The hubs still spin on the legendary in-house made bearings and will utilize their Ring Drive system to provide 72 points of engagement. 
Chris King XD Iso Hub available Colors The new hubs will be available in nine different colors and the occasional special edition. Chris King XD Iso Hub Weights Overall weight doesn’t change significantly, as 135mm hubs equipped with the regular driver are claimed to weigh 6 grams more (336 gm.) Chris King HD Iso Hub Conversion
The new Chris King XD Driveshell is also backwards compatible, which will allow current owners to upgrade fairly easily. Want to upgrade or purchase a set? Parts and hubs will begin shipping May 1st. For more info, please visit Chris King



  1. I’m with Fat, much faster than I expected. I was told directly by someone inside at King how much work was going into this because of bearing size issues apparently.

  2. king is late to the game. i emailed King 3 years ago about center lock options, never even received a response. Have been using cld for a looong time mainly with dt swiss. FINALLY cld is gaining some momentum. I will be riding the White Industies cld hubs this season, they also have xd drivers available if that is your thing.

  3. I dunno, I highly doubt that they make the XD driver for their 12×157 hub. I don’t see any possible application for such a hub.

  4. Of course this comes out now…after I waited 2 years and finally abandoned my cherished King wheelset for DT wheels and XX1. Why King, why do you take 2 years to develop a simple hub shell? I understand and appreciate the devotion to getting it right, but time to market counts for something too. 2 years development time for a hub, bottom bracket etc I get, but not a hub shell.

  5. @Ted, SRAM had time to market on their hydraulic road brakes and look at what it has cost them. Companies like King, Thomson, etc are more concerned with quality to market. Taking the approach of do it right the first time has its merits. Abandoning your King wheels may have been a bad idea. King tends to be forward thinking with their products as evidenced in this post. Keep your old hub and upgrade the driver or any other part as needed. Personally, I’d much rather wait and spend my money right the first time rather than buy a product and than have to make a warrantly claim in the middle of the season.

  6. @Ted, if it were simple, then CK maybe have come out with it sooner. From info I got back from CK when I messaged them, they said they’re not happy with the durability of the “current spec” so they were working on it. It took 2 years. Don’t you think they would like to have had it to market sooner so they could be getting their market share?

    At Jimmie, I agree, do it right the first time. Hence their square taper BB, they saw no improvement to what they could do vs. what was out there so they decided against bringing that to market. And yes, I have 4 sets of hubs and love that I can service and make changes to each one of them. Well, I take that back. The Classic hub is stuck with V-brakes unless I want to upgrade the shell.

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