We had a solid interview with BME Design’s Brano prior to the show, so it was neat to see his stealthy city bike up close. The carbon fiber frame is built with angular tubing that gives it a very advanced, modern look.

Contrasting that, his other bikes and frames used bamboo tubes (and titanium and more carbon), and then there were the more classic looking steel bikes from Speedhound…





His B8 series frames let you choose from bamboo, titanium or carbon tubes bonded to carbon fiber lugs.


This last one is carbon fiber, but with some very shiny stuff interwoven.



Speedhound’s Only One bike is exactly that, their only model. It uses a proprietary dropout system that lets you run it geared or singlespeed, with a chain or belt drive. The frame incorporates all manner of mounting points and cable run options, so you can “Go Your Own Speed.” Enjoy the pics.


All frames are True Temper chromoly steel and come in eight colors and five frame sizes. Shift lever cable stops are external and simply get various nubs attached if they’re built up single.


Frames get plenty of rack and fender mounts plus brake mounts for canti’s/v-brakes or regular road calipers. Disc brake mounts are an option.


The silver part of the dropout swaps parts to run a derailleur.



The forks are also made in house, in Minneapolis, MN, using their own investment cast crown and chromoly legs. Prices for frame and fork range from $1,450 to $1,650 depending on options.


  1. Re: my earlier comment about the BME Nighthawk, “I would give that cockpit a chance and see how it looks when all controls are installed.”
    Indeed it comes together a lot better now with the grips and levers (close that gap between them though!) They’re the sort of looks that grow upon you, but they’re certainly far from the atrocity that many predicted.

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