saris solo glow in the dark trunk mount bike rack

The Saris Solo Glow is a bright new version of their single-bike trunk mounted rack, offering up to an hour of illuminating transport for your favorite ride.

They’re available in limited quantity, and for this weekend only (through April 7, 12:01am CST), they’re on sale for just $49.99. The Solo is their simplest bike rack. It has no mechanical adjustments, pivots or anything else. Just strap it to your trunk or hatch and go. It weighs just two pounds, comes with a lifetime warranty and the entire frame is recyclable should that time come. More details on their website, sale details and a cool contest for anyone who gets one, below…

saris solo glow in the dark trunk mount bike rack

Not only can you get a good deal on it now, but here’s a blurb they just sent us about a contest their running for Solo Glow owners:

“Our contest is currently set up to run April 15 – May 15th. Although details could shift a little bit until we’ve officially announced the contest. To enter the contest, people will need to submit long exposure night time shots featuring the Solo Glow plus a light source, such as a flashlight, sparklers, or fireworks. Three winners will receive $350 towards Saris, CycleOps, or PowerTap products.”

Update: Contest will be announced on their Facebook Page, so fan up if you want a heads up.


  1. l learned the hard way about trunk bike racks. if you like your cars paint and clear coat DO NOT in a million years buy a trunk rack. They will rip the s**t out of your car.

  2. Even with clean contact points dust gets in there and the finish suffers. Get some 3M Anti-chipping tape and place it on the trunk where the pads and hooks make will contact. All the rubbing will take place on the film and when you are ready to sell the car you can just peel it of.

  3. What Psi Squared said.

    In addition, you all should know that this particular rack is an extremely horrible design in that there is no anti-sway device so in addition to the rack you must use, at minimum one additional bungee or strap to tie the bike down. Without this your bike will bang into the rack and car repeatedly. I have the 2-bike Saris with anti-sway arms and works great for my road bikes but it’s a no-go when I use it for my full squish bikes (can’t get the arms through the frames to hang the bike properly).

  4. @bk, When a bike rack cannot fit the arms through the frame, an adaptor piece is sold, called a Bike Beam. Several companies make similar items under different names. It is a bar that easily attaches from the stem area to seatpost, to allow an arm-style rack to carry a bike. Check any weight restrictions.

  5. The Solo does come with an anti-sway FYI. There are also accessories out there to put on your pedals, etc. to help protect contact between the bike and vehicle. That goes for any trunk mounted rack, not just the Solo.

    Check your fit guides, follow instructions, and all will work out well 🙂

  6. The Solo looks to be a quick and easy solution to carry your bike. It’s priced well and if you follow the Saris fit guide, you shouldn’t have any problems finding out whether it will fit your vehicle. The 3M anti chipping tape does sound like a good idea though and one I will have to try.

  7. Rye is correct, the Solo comes with an anti-sway and it really is easy to use. I have it setup with the anti chipping tape for my Spezialized.

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