contour roam2 hd action sports camera

Last we heard, Contour had found capital to resuscitate it, then months of blank footage. Now, they’re officially back with the Contour Roam2 and Plus2 HD action sports video cameras, warranty support and a broad range of mounts and accessories.

The Contour+2 (Plus2) is their GPS enabled, live streaming, 120fps capturing bad boy with mobile connectivity. It ships with a waterproof case. The Contour Roam2, shown above in its color options, comes waterproof outta the box but skips the GPS and mobile connections and has just 60fps video capture. Both are full 1080p HD with their 270º rotating lens and 170º wide angle eye.

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The Plus2 only comes in dark gray, but gets the better tech. It retails for $299. The Roam2 is $199. All are available on Contour’s website now, links below.


They offer mounts for putting the camera just about anywhere you’d like.

PRESS RELEASE: CONTOUR, pioneers of the action sports camera industry, is now under new ownership and is once again a key contender in the Point of View (POV) camera market. After completing a financial overhaul, reorganizing its plans for new product innovation and building a framework for vastly improved distribution, CONTOUR is back on the map as a legitimate player in the POV world.

CONTOUR is already focused on regaining market share through select distributors worldwide. The brand’s financial outlook is solid with key retailers committing to the product line in every target market.

“The aim is clear—we want to create a world class company to support this world class product,” said Danny Lysenko, CEO of CONTOUR. “While recovering CONTOUR’s position in the market, we’ll continue the long tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and bringing to market beautifully simple, yet ultimately professional cameras.”

In the coming months CONTOUR plans to launch new cameras that feature the same award winning, streamlined styling that has set its products apart for more than a decade. With industry-leading technology that includes a one-touch locking record switch, laser alignment system and 270-degree rotating lens, the new CONTOUR cameras will deliver unsurpassed digital clarity and easy-to-use convenience that will ensure every moment of adventure is captured.

The company’s return to the market is punctuated by the re-launch of its website that currently offers the Contour+2 with wireless smartphone connectivity, the waterproof ROAM2 and a full range of accessories. Visit for pricing and details.

While the new ownership and management are excited to move forward, they recognize that some consumers may have warranty issues. Those affected are encouraged to contact CONTOUR’s support team at, place ‘Warranty’ in the subject line and include an RMA number. Further details can be found by clicking the Warranties & Service tab located under the Support section of the website.


  1. Contour left everyone high and dry and now wants to get back into business, good luck with that!
    I own 2 Contours if anyone wants to buy them from me as I’ve moved on to other POV’s that will still be here in a few years, Garmin, Sony, GoPro.

  2. naysayers. I say good on them for trying again. I own a GoPro however I would gladly buy a contour as they offer better battery life and a more “practical” form factor and package as such.

  3. I still have an outstanding warranty claim on one Contour camera. It’s taking forever. I have three wishes:
    1. Replace my camera under warranty
    2. Increase battery life
    3. Introduce loop recording

  4. Yeah, they have totally won on form factor. For that alone they are the best. Go pro is good for some stuff, but for biking contour is awesome.

  5. Yea for sure the contour was always a neater package, and the Bluetooth works much bettr than the gopro’s wifi which is oh so slow. But please contour, give us an update and a bit of news as to where you are on this. Gopro hero 4 due out any time soon and I’m not keen on waiting for a contour if it’s not gonna happen.

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