Detail© Marv Watson/Red Bull

Spotted over on Redbull Media’s website, the new Specialized Slaughter is currently being tested on Curtis Keen’s Enduro 29er. With an aggressive outer tread pattern and a semi slick center tread, the new tire has a similar appearance to one of our favorite rear tires – the Schwalbe Rock Razor.

We have no further details at this time, except that the American Dream likes to run his 2.3″ tire with one cup of Stan’s sealant at 33 PSI.


  1. @Jeff

    If you look closely, the outside knobs are 0.00000000324″ further in than the knobs on the Rock Razer.

    Get a clue.

  2. Patrik, you are correct! It is like when Vanilla Ice tried to explain how “Ice Ice Baby” was not ripping off (aka “sampling”) “Pressure” by Queen. 0.00000000324″ different is still different.

    My sincerest apologies for my ignorance.

  3. Similar but not the same. The side knobs and center lugs are a totally different pattern. It’ll probably be half the price of a RR.

  4. Similar, but definitely different. Fewer, smaller, and faster center nobs, with more shapely side nobs on this tire. But, hey, who doesn’t like crying plagiarism when he/she is decidedly way off, as long as it keeps the “down with Spesh” banner flying?

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