Ok, enough waiting, the new On-One Codeine is officially hitting the shelves. The bike is billed as the mountain bike they wanted to build – a suspension bike in true On-One style because “nobody made one that was quite right.” Big claims then, but by the look of it and the video they put together it does look like a super fun bike to ride. As their first suspension frame ever, On-One built a 130/140mm travel 29er  with short chainstays, clearance for big tires, and no front derailleur. This isn’t your typical XC 29er, and that’s the point.

Self medicate with the new Codeine after the jump…

On-One Codeine - Studio 03

Starting with a 7005-T6 aluminum tubeset and CNC machined frame fitments, the frame uses all Torx fittings for the hardware on the cartridge bearing pivots. Design emphasis was on building the stiffest, best performing suspension they could rather than the lightest so with the Cane Creed DB Air shock the frame weight comes in just under 7 lbs. They could have saved some weight with the shock, but feel that the CCDBA is the best for the job. Suspension is set at 140mm up front with the complete bike getting that from the excellent RockShox Pike, and 130mm travel in the rear.

On-One Codeine - Studio 02

The geometry of the bike is what On-One refers to as “winch and plummet” which probably translates most to climb up and rip  down. The bike is meant for trail riders, gravity enduro riders, or anyone who is climbing to the top only for the ripping descent, and is saving it for the down hill. The Codeine has a relatively steep seat tube angle at 74º to aid in the climbing and pedaling department, which is also forward of the bottom bracket to provide tire clearance for the short chainstays. How short? How does 440mm (17.3″) with room for On-One’s 29×2.4″ Chunky Monkey tire sound? That combined with a 35mm BB drop and 67.5º should add up to a fun, playful bike.

The set forward seat tube also means that this bike is not compatible with a front derailleur. One of the advantages of a 1x system is you can directly engineer the bike around a single chainring position, and the bike improves because of it. Better suspension kinematics, improved tire clearance, less weight, no restrictions to placement of the seat tube, etc. But all this comes at the price of the front derailleur. With two solid 1x systems on the market already and more likely on the way, we’ll probably see a lot more bikes go this route in the future. The one restriction on the Codeine is that the max chainring size is 34t, but considering it’s a 29er that should be plenty for who this bike is intended for.


The Codeine is offered as a complete bike for £2499.99 or a frame and shock for £799.99. The complete build is a full SRAM build with the exception of the Cane Creek Double Barrel Air rear shock. Built with SRAM X01, X0 Trail brakes, and a Reverb external dropper post, the Codeine comes in around 30lb 6oz. Available to buy now.

  • Drivetrain:      SRAM X01
  • Brakes:              Avid X0 Trail
  • Fork:                 Rockshox Pike RCT3 140mm Solo Air
  • Rear Shock:     Cane Creek Double Barrel Air
  • Seatpost:          Rockshox Reverb 125mm
  • Wheels:              Pacenti TL28-29er on SRAM X0 hubs
  • Weight:              30lb 6oz


  1. Wow, great build on this thing all around. Weight doesn’t seem bad in the least for as much as this bike seems to offer. I unfortunately will not be purchasing any more bikes soon, as much as I would love this one. Someone please buy this and let me know how awesome it is to ride.

  2. Available to pre-order:

    $1030 USD + SH for frame + CCDB (no fork)
    $3219 USD + SH for complete

    BTW, who designed the latest Titus bikes after the Planet X acquisition, such as the Rockstar 29 and El Guapo?

  3. Brant Richards designed those other bikes. Glad to hear this bike has clearance for 2.4s, unlike the original Rockstar 29ers, which barely had room for 2.25s.

    Smiley face.

  4. Well, they presumably still have to renew the license for Horst link with Specialized on a regular basis, so if they don’t really see a benefit, then might as well save money and go with faux-bar.

  5. The patent that specialized owned has expired, anyone can use it for free. Not that it was really that special to begin with though. Perhaps the designer of the frame evaluated different pivot locations and chose one that worked best for his goals and desired ride feel.

  6. You Horst vs Single pivot guys should read this: http://www.shedfire.com/2013/02/26/singlepivot-vs-horst-link-codeine-with-same-rocker-configuration-knewiwasntgoingmad/

    Brant said, “the singlepivot system let me make a shorter chainstay bike than a Horst link one, ie: amount of travel achieved until the rear wheel bashes into the seat tube.”

    Specialized uses a curved seat tube to give more clearance. The Codeine has a straight seat tube that’s offset a little forward. Question is, why didn’t Brant go with a curved seat tube and worked around it, getting even shorter CS length? Probably only a matter of time before Kona ups the travel on their Process 111 for a long travel 29er in this vein, but they’d need to slap on a rear shock that could compete with the CCDB, and at On-One’s price, to compete.

  7. We did make an FS frame before, with Ryan Carrol from Astrix, called the Growler. But this was all us.

    You guys after an XL. How tall are you?

  8. @The Pickle
    The Gimp was a dirt jump hard tail (I had one, it was heavy) whilst their FS frame was called the Growler, it w as a freeride bike and pretty nice, but quite limited numbers.

  9. brant- here’s another request for an xl. I’m 6’4″- the large isn’t going to cut it. same with the fireline evo- i’d have bought one already if it were available in an xl. offer the fireline in an xl complete with this build kit and i’ll be all over it. -G

  10. I’m looking for a FS to replace my current Cotic Soul HT. I’m after an all-round do-it-all bike with a few races here and there. Will the Codeine be a good fit? I love the idea/build of this bike. I can see that it would be great for the more technical stuff..but would it feel too heavy/slow if it was used for some XC riding? If it helps, my fitness is better than my skills.
    (BTW: I had been looking at a Giant Anthem X1 29er, then I saw the Codeine). CHEERS for any tips.

  11. Too expensive for O-O customer base. See the Sarto road bike failure for proof. Full sus is the big box bike space.

    44 HT 29er in steel, then Ti. And you’re back on the base.

  12. @D.- I kind of see where you’re coming from, but for what this is, it’s a bargain. Full XO1, Pike, Reverd and a CCDBair for $3000? Bargain.

  13. ok give me a reason to buy this bike and not spec enduro comp 29 in this price range….for the loughable price of X01 ????

    I would consider the frame, if it could accept FM not I m not liking 1x but again.. cause price of X01 and 42t systems right now…. are loughable.


    I would consider the frame if I could pedal mountains with 36t and have 142 ready wheelset.

    till then Enduro Comp 29 and others are so much more logical options in this price

  14. Well i just put my order in for this bike after looking at loads of other bikes this ticked all the boxes…
    Ref the spesh eduro good luck with that as at 160mm front end and no dropper post on the comp stock you will have to put your hand further in your pocket to get it ready for full use. Not a true comparison to this bike really and at 32lbs+ its going to be a painful bike for climbing (front end poping up on steep climbs) and true trail fun with your friends but hey on the downs it will be epic (also just looked the the warranty and spesh only give you 12months on the mount points of the frames. this is one of their weak areas as well so i would be very concerned about this). I did look at a stumpy 29 and cube stereo 29ers but they didnt come up to this spec/price point.
    I have been running 1-10 with 11-36 and 11-40 rear with 30T NW front on a cube stereo 2012 which is about 31LB with dropper and found climbing to be absolutely fine. So i have no concerns about this new bikes climbing ability with a 1-11 setup and seatpost angles. The only other bike that came close to this for me was a cube stereo HPC race Blue Black (has the pike front end) but the rear end is long. So the Codeine wins for me on paper so lets see how it rides when i get it on the trails.
    I ride in a very mixed true test terrain (guisborough forest) and this bike frame and all the components will be tested to the limits very quickly. Whoop whoop

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