Wahoo Fitness, which has built its marketing around being an iPhone powered fitness equipment provider has just expanded its bag of tricks with a new Android OS app.

It’ll work on any device running Android version 4.3 or newer and that allows Third Party App Access to the device’s Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) radio. It’ll sync up with the company’s TICKR, BlueHR, BlueSC (Speed/Cadence sensor), RPM and KICKR trainer. If you’re still reading, we’ll assume a) you’ve not used their app before because b) you don’t own an iPhone. Quick summary: Their app is a pretty full featured cycling (or running) computer for outdoor workouts, letting you track all the same metrics you normally would…assuming you have Bluetooth sensors on your bike and/or body. It’s also the brains of their KICKR trainer, which is a remarkable piece of equipment.

And when you’re all done, you can upload to your choice of Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Nike+, TrainingPeaks or GarminConnect.

Pics and links below…


At launch, it’ll also wthird party apps including Runtastic Pro, Endmondo, Pear Mobile and iCardio will also support the Wahoo Fitness BlueHR and TICKR. More third party apps will be rolled out throughout the year.

Available now in the Google Play store.


  1. It was about time. Iphone may be the best selling phone model in the US but, there are far more phones running android if you add up all the different models.

  2. A big plus is that now Android users can update the firmware of their stages power meter using the Wahoo Utility app

  3. It was a pretty bad taste put into the mouths of non-apple user on the part of Wahoo. Let’s see if wahoo can draw some of the Android crowd over or not.

  4. I’ve been using the wahoo HR Blue on the iPhone so several months. It works well for looking at data during the ride (which isn’t a great option for me since I don’t mount my phone to my bars). The problems are after the ride once you “Save” the ride. The screen with all HR data is no longer viewable and when you export the file, it won’t give you access to the data either (like time in each HR zone etc). Also it has never worked when uploading to Garmin Connect, either thru the direct upload to Garmin connect or via export of the file via email then uploading that file to G. Connect. I’ve contacted Wahoo support, which while they’re quick to reply they have not provided any solution, just saying “they’re working on it…”. The whole reason I bought the Wahoo Blue was to look at HR data after the ride. I hope Wahoo corrects these (and several other minor issues I won’t get into here), otherwise I have not use for the strap / wahoo app.

  5. @Mat Agree. Probably the beginning of the end for decent support, since the Android platform will (necessarily) be consuming their time. Glad I held off buying a Kickr…

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