Paul Cocksedge Studio’s new Double O bicycle lights not only look unique, they have more than one kind of safety and security built in.

The Double O lights put out 80 lumens up front and 45 lumens in the rear. They say the design uses less bright LED bulbs, but more of them, which creates a large hit of light that’s highly visible without being blindingly distractive to drivers or fellow cyclists. They charge in about 90 minutes via USB and have three modes: Steady (2.1 hours run time), Flashing (4.2 hours) and Eco (10 hours). Looks aside, which are very cool, what’s particularly clever is how you can secure them.

Check that out, plus video and lights from Lumicycle and Planet Bike below…


Say goodbye to stolen lights.


The lights’s neodymium magnets hold them securely in place, even over the roughest terrain they could find to test them on. That included riding a commuter bike down a set of concrete stairs.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here, which is easily one of the best looking one’s we’ve seen in terms of graphics and layout. But what would you expect from a design studio, right?


Planetbike Superflash USB and Micro USB rechargeable bicycle tail lights

Planetbike’s Superflash Micro USB (right) and Superflash USB tail lights both use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for 36 hours of run time each, both off just a 2-4 hour charge. Both have steady and “Turbo” blink patterns for extreme attention grabification. They’re available now in shops and online at Retail is $29.99 and $34.99 respectively, including bike and clip mounts plus USB cable.


Lumicycle InSight bicycle brake light with wireless function and blinking tail light

Lumicycle’s new InSight automatic brake light for bicycles uses internal sensors to detect slowing and turn on, helping alert drivers and other riders to a change in your pace. It’s all self contained, so no need for wires or other speed sensors to make it work. The body is machined from aluminum and it uses Cree red LED bulbs. Pre-order now for May delivery, price is £79.95. It also has standard blinking tail light functions, and there’s a matching head light, too, sold separately or as a combo package.


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