Hiding in the depths of Suntour’s demo fleet at the 2014 Southeast Bike Expo under a layer of fine Georgia red dust, there appeared a marbly sheen from the top of one of their forks. Adding to their already beautifully done carbon lowers on their Axon Werx fork, the new carbon crown and steerer will reduce weight by an approximate whopping 170 grams.

According to Suntour’s website, that would put the 29″ version at around a scant 1420 grams!  We first saw it way back at Eurobike 2012, but this was the first time it’s been out in public and rideable. Word is it’ll become the real deal later this year.

The crown and steerer are a one piece design that is said to be very stiff for a carbon steerer.  It will come in 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ variations all having a maximum of 100mm of travel.  They will continue to use their slick titanium Q-LOC 15mm thru axle quick release, but no other major changes are expected other than there will likely be some minor running changes to tweak the damper.

Pricing is has yet to be determined, but Suntour says these are already being produced and sent out for sponsored racers on the BMC Dirt Project XC team.  The rest of us will be able to get our hands on them as soon as late Summer or early Fall.


  1. I hope Suntour makes a move to bring better forks to the US. They do some neat things for bikes <$1,000 already in the US. Their remote lockout is second to none. Servicing is stupid easy if you been in forks before.

  2. Do people still lockout their suspension? I can see remote travel adjust but locking out… must be an XC racer deal. I plead ignorance here since I’m far removed from XC racing scene. My thoughts are why have suspension if your going to lock it out. Proper suspension and set up and there is no need to lock out… but again I’m not an XC race buff.

  3. Lockout, I agree with you about proper suspension setup. However, a lot of people I sell nicer Rock Shox and Foxes to aren’t as concerned about “proper setup” as they are about lockout function.
    If you look at Scott bicycles, you’ll see most of their full squish bikes have lockout…

  4. Nice fork. Like to know how stiff it is compared to a SID WC. Lock out is and XC thing. Almost all pros use remote lock out or specialized’s brain system.

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