Veloheld, maker of the Icon.X that we tested at the beginning of the year, has been prototyping a new steel fatbike, called the Fat.Iron. It will likely only be produced in a limited run (possibly this autumn in time for the next season of snow?), as it is more of a fun project for them than a more practical bike like the rest of their line.

Some frame details and pics after the jump…


The large-sized prototype frame, TIG-welded from custom double-butted 4130 based on their Iron 29er tubeset, weighs 2.4kg now.  With a reasonably lightweight SRAM 2×10 build the complete bike is just over 14kg.

veloheld-fat-iron-steel-frame-fat-bike-prototype veloheld-fat-iron-steel-frame-fat-bike-headtube-prototype

The frame is built around a 190mm rear end with a 100mm bottom bracket. For now Veloheld are using a straight-gauge steel fork, but they aren’t happy with its weight. If (and when) they build a series of the bikes, they say they will either build a lightweight steel fork to go with it, or source a lighter fork for buyers.

veloheld-fat-iron-steel-frame-fat-bike-rearend-prototype veloheld-fat-iron-steel-fat-bike-chainstays-prototype-trail

At the show it was set up nicely with camouflage rim tape on Surly Marge Lite rims shod in the 4.7” VEE Bulldozer tires that we recently showed you from the Taipei show. They have been also riding it with Surly’s Lou 4.8” and it still has plenty of clearance for even slightly bigger tires.

veloheld-fat-iron-steel-frame-fat-bike-seatstays-prototype veloheld-fat-iron-steel-frame-fat-bike-Die-Rolle-saddlebag-prototype

They drilled the prototype with the intention of maybe mounting some racks or a fender to it for more adventurous rides, as they try to figure out the best niche for a steel fatbike. At the show they had fitted a nice matching camo 6 liter saddle roll from their Dresden luggage-making friends at Die Rolle.

We’ll get more details on the bike if Veloheld go ahead with the project, and will probably try to borrow it for a ride or two, maybe in the sand since snow season has hopefully passed. They are gauging demand before they go ahead, so feel free to shoot them an email if you would be interested in pre-ordering.


  1. It is actually a long sleeve summer weight jersey from RUMBLE, friends of Veloheld. You can find them at Unfortunately, it is a limited edition and I think it is sold out (except maybe one size S available at, but email them if you are interested.

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