GT Fury 27.5At the Team Atherton team launch today in Europe, GT launched a revised version of the brand new GT Fury with 27.5″ wheels. It was only last year at this time that the company launched it’s completely revised Fury, which proceeded to earn it’s first set of rainbow stripes shortly thereafter under Rachel Atherton. Her brother Gee barely missed earning a second set of stripes after having a thrilling season where he racked up several top spots on the podium early on, only to see the champion jersey slip from his grasp when Canadian Steve Smith started to heat up.

We’re eagerly looking forward to the race season, which begins next month, and will update this article with more info as we get it!


  1. i havent been following UCI DH for many seasons but i cant imagine another race season in its history where there have been more prototype frames/wheels/tires/suspension being ridden. im so freaking excited to watch all the races this year.

  2. you guys should check out the comments and opinions on Pinkbike about this bike. Talk about abunch of crazies! 27.5 Is here. Learn to love it my friends.

  3. I haven’t seen a GT in a LBS in ages. I thought they got bought by a mass market sporting goods company and went the way of Schwinn.

  4. @Topmounter,
    GT haven’t entered a rebadge frame since the days of the Intense M1, this Fury, the Mk1 Fury carbon and all the way back to the girder frames of the early 2000’s have all been all GT designs.
    Best of luck to them for 2014, can’t see anyone beatin Rachel this year, Gee and Marcy Marc are going to have their work cut out as always.

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