The Allo is a the culmination of several things we’ve seen or done recently. It’s the first phone holder with integrated speaker we’ve seen, and it solves quite a few first world problems all at once. Want music, navigation and the ability to speakerphone your friends while they’re stuck at work? Look no further.

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The unit comes with a universal clamp to grab the handlebar. The speaker case snaps onto it, and the top of the case swivels open to insert your phone. As you slide it in, it presses into the headphone jack, thus connecting the phone to the speaker. It’s powered by two AAA batteries and pumps out 80-90 decibels. (Side note: Sanyo’s Eneloop are hands down the best rechargeable batteries out there. I’ve been using them for years with zero issues.)

It’s on Kickstarter, naturally, and they’re well on their way to hitting the goal. With a planned delivery date of September 2014, you can nab one for as little as $40 during the campaign. Kickstarter page here, and his homepage is here.


  1. He’d better grease his chain! Would sounds much better. A happy chain is a silent chain.

    Also, … in some parts of the world there is a thing called rain.

  2. I could use this on my around town bike that i take to parties or on rides with mi kid in the trailer. Put on some Gucci Mane and terrify the burbs.

  3. Nice idea but I really don’t want to have a public conversation with my fellow riders or force them to listen to Alan Jackson while on a ride. I’ve been using Motorola SF600 wireless headphones for a couple years that allow you to listen to music, pick up calls or turn by turn GPS instructions. You can use special ear buds that allows you to hear sounds around you and still carry on a conversation with your fellow riders. It’s not so much as listening to music constantly; it’s more of a break of having the wind howl in your ears.
    Good luck on the invention, I can just picture one day a guy catching up to me playing his Allo with the Mega Bass going and making my helmet vibrate.

  4. Could that thing be any uglier?

    When be was using the navigation it was distorted and sounded bad. I find my phone’s speaker to be more than loud enough for nav directions and other uses.

    It’s not quite there…

  5. No. Please, just no. There are some idiots who show up to group rides with speakers on their phones and it’s awful. I don’t make you listen to my music, so please don’t make me listen to yours.

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