NAHBS 2014: Demon vs. Ogre – Monster Cycles from Abroad


Last year, Japan’s Ogre brought a massively over done, angular metal “V” bike that was simply stunning in its intricacy. This year, he toned it down a bit, bringing a titanium-over-carbon road bike. But it still showed off his metal working skills.

The frame’s titanium lugs were heat and chemical treated to put a little color on them, and the saddle, stem and handlebar were all handmade from titanium.

Detail photos, plus a boxy steel dirt jump bike from the UK’s Demon, below…


The logos on the titanium parts were done with chemical treatments, similar to anodizing. The cut ti logos on the carbon tubes sit over the water bottle mounts and cleverly incorporate the threaded holes.





The titanium saddle, handlebar and stem were all made in house.




The company behind Ogre, Weld One, apparently makes titanium kitchen utensils, too. Definitely need one of these for the car camping kit!



Demon’s bike seemed like it might not show up, leaving an empty booth on Friday. The frame was finished just days before the show and sent over just in time for the weekend.


He CNC’s all the lugs and dropouts himself, building lugged and fillet brazed frames. On road bikes, it’s full lugged construction and he’ll use stainless. The mountain bikes get front lugs only, like this one.


The Titan is his latest lug set and is styled on an unused mask prop for the movie Chronicles of Riddick.


He also does copper plating and other fun stuff for finishes.


3 thoughts on “NAHBS 2014: Demon vs. Ogre – Monster Cycles from Abroad

  1. like the metal seat. bike would be even cooler with no bar tape. …and no enve sticker …and some stealth looking low profile wheels 🙂 Always enjoy the NAHBS coverage …and also maybe the older smaller Campagnolo shifters …and a quill stem ahah

  2. The Ogre was the nicest looking bike there in my opinion. A lot of detail and time went into it, the stem was a must see in person item.

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