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We’ve seen inverted forks, modified Leftys, and now this – a purpose built dual crown suspension fork for a fatbike. Labeled as the first prototype based on the McAir suspension fork created by Jurgen Steiner, the photos were sent to us with a brief description of the fork. Apparently a specialist when it comes to building still, premium level forks, he is entering the fat bike market with a customizable fork that includes colors, materials, and standards, with a carbon model shown here.

More details after the break.

Fat Forx 1st Prototype_1_resized_1 Fat Forx 1st Prototype_2_resized_2

Built with clearance for 5″ tires on 10mm rims, the Fat Forx uses a bolt on thru axle and looks to offer around 80-100mm travel. More info when we have it.


  1. Looks nice….who cares if it costs more than a pugsley, that frame is soooooooo outdated anyway why would anyone even consider one these days?

  2. @Nick – eh, what’s an order of magnitude among friends?!? 😉
    @BR – how about a logical 10cm or 100mm for that rim width?

  3. @tom. First, my 907 FATBIKE w/lefty is under 35 lbs with a dropper and 100mm rims with surly bid and Lou on an xl frame. I’ll explain because you seem to not know much about fatbikes….I can’t make my FATBIKE any fatter at the moment, I also don’t have an ounce of carbon anywhere on it to shave weight. Doesn’t seem too bad considering that my light bike is a niner wfo and comes in at 33 pounds and that is weigh a full xt build and reynolds wheels. People think you need sub 25 lb bikes to have fun and be fast on the trails….that’s just not true.

  4. Hey guys,
    What a crazy discussion. Let’s get the facts: The fork looks great and I know the weight is 2 kilo. The allover weight of the bike is 12,9 kilo. The estimated price will be under 1.000 Euro (carbon version). So that’s what my sources are whispering. And – of course – the 10 mm rim ins surly a mistake and means 100 mm, but you know that. Therefore be concentrated in the facts, not only in the mistakes.

  5. I know more facts of that German masterpiece fork: Lightest version 2.044 gr. based on air chamber suspension and elostomer. Other features incl. lockout with a second with a second air chamber are already available. Thema Salsa you see in the Fotos is 12,9 Kg inkl. suspension fork without pedals. As I could also hear that the price will be in a non personalzid standard version in a region of 911 Euros. Special Features in top.
    I hope to geht more infos the next dass. I’ll keep you updated.

  6. @John: Where did you get your infinite wisdom to catagorize things as irrelevant? I guess you are one of those reinventors of the bike world. Some kind of wisenheimer……

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