Hayes Teases New Radar Disc Brakes & Manitou “Macleod” Trail Mountain Bike Fork

2014 Manitou Macleod trail mountain bike suspension fork teaser

Looks like the Mattoc was more than just the first truly new mountain bike suspension fork from Manitou in too many years…it was also the start of a naming hierarchy. Maybe.

All we know is that by Thursday afternoon at Sea Otter (April 11), they’ll have a new “Macleod” fork on display. Head over there around 2pm PST if you’re in the ‘hood, or just keep your eyes trained right here on Bikerumor for coverage immediately following the launch. Assuming the graphic above isn’t just for looks, we’re thinking we’ve figured out the name and the intended use…trail duty. Which likely means travel in the 120 to 140mm range and (fingers crossed) a 29er fork using the new damper tech hammered out for the Mattoc.

We’re also guessing they’ve got an aXe-C fork and longer travel fork to dig you outta trouble in the pipeline.

They’ve also got new brakes coming that same day…

2014 Hayes Radar mountain bike disc brakes teaser

Dubbed Hayes Radar, we’re guessing these bring the sleeker packaging of their low-end Dyno brakes to a higher end XC/Trail user. That design uses a more streamlined master cylinder piston rather than the oblong design of the Prime. It also looks like they’ll include the Crosshair alignment system, which works like a champ, and something new called Venom.

Stay tuned, we’re just a few short weeks away from launch.



10 thoughts on “Hayes Teases New Radar Disc Brakes & Manitou “Macleod” Trail Mountain Bike Fork

  1. Venom better not be as simple as switching from DOT to mineral oil… even cheesier if they color it green.

  2. Yeah, I hope it is not a switch to mineral oil. I run mechanicals, my second choice for my riding conditions would be mineral oil- but I think there should be a good selection of DOT brakes out there, too.

  3. Based on the tools shown I’m going to guess that it’s a replacement for the Circus, not a trail fork as mentioned. All those tools shown are used for building and grooming dirt jumps.

  4. What was the text that was blurred out?

    Pulaskis and mattocks are my fav tools for bench cutting new trails. Don’t need much effort to dig deep, especially if the dirt’s moist. After a decent amount of rain, all you gotta do is pick it up and drop its head and excavate. The McLeod is really nice for grooming and defining the tread. The Rogue Hoe, I guess is nice single tool for fixing trails, but I’d rather have the mattock and mcleod combo; it just can’t dig nor groom as fast as either. The shovel is nice for transferring dirt and other things too small, with containers if moving long distance, or to use as a light duty rock bar…

    Can’t imagine Manitou naming something a shovel…

  5. I really do hope it means a switch to mineral oil! Brakes don’t need to be bled as often, spilling any fluid doesn’t mean destroyed paint, and quite frankly, unless you’re on the brakes nonstop for dozens of miles…no way you’re going to reach the fluid’s boiling point. Mineral oil all the way!

  6. How can the best brakes and forks for a previous era be so lackluster ?? I will never buy hayes after the el caminos and manitou after…. After fox came into the market!!

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