vecnum moveloc lightweight long travel dropper seatpost

Vecnum is a German brand that’s making some pretty solid looking dropper posts and perhaps the most unique (only?) universal fork travel adjust add-ons we’ve seen. Let’s start with the post:

What sets it apart is the length of travel and the weight. Three models are available, giving you maximum drop of 140mm, 170mm and a whopping 200mm. Claimed weights are 490g, 525g and 560g respectively…and respectable. They have four fixed drop points, stopping on a push-pin cylinder system that locks the slider in place and keeps it there even if the internal gas piston or the adjusting hardware happens to fail.

Inside, two brass rails prevent twisting, keeping your saddle pointing straight forward. Drop down for plenty more tech…

vecnum moveloc lightweight long travel dropper seatpost

The cable-actuated mechanism uses a simple spring return and is mounted where we all want it to be mounted: at the base of the slider. That fixed position means the cable won’t droop into the frame (or worse) as the telescoping part sinks into the frame.

vecnum moveloc lightweight long travel dropper seatpost

A rubber boot seals out mud and water and such from the cable housing.

The slider lifts up thanks to a gas-charged piston inside. It’s similar to the ones used to lift car hatches and is rated for something like a million cycles. The post is easily disassembled with a couple allen wrenches for easy maintenance and (recommended) lubrication.

vecnum moveloc lightweight long travel dropper seatpost

The lever’s minimal and sleek. Retail for the post is €369. No word on US pricing yet.

vecnum moveloc lightweight long travel dropper seatpost with tooloc double bolt seatpost collar

The Moveloc post only comes in 30.9 diameters. They sell a reducer to sleeve it for 31.6 and 34.9 post compatible frames. The Tooloc seatpost binder shown here is their recommended equipment for securing the Moveloc in the frame. In fact, it’s required if you want to maintain your warranty. They say the dual bolt design more evenly disperses forces on the post, keeping it locked in place better and preventing any binding that could create stiction. Retail on this is €29. Three sizes available.

Now, for the Leveloc universal travel adjuster for suspension forks. This one’s best seen in action first, so here’s their promo video. It’s a bit long, but the riding’s solid, and check out their upcoming Split convertible full face helmet, too.

vecnum leveloc universal fork travel adjustment

Basically, it’s a cord with locking cam that lets you pull your fork anywhere down into its travel and limit the rebound. It looks like it works in the video, and Vecnum says it’s only 60g…much lighter than having an integrated (and fixed) travel adjust built into the fork’s hardware. Sometimes, simpler is better, though we’re not sure what the fork manufacturers will have to say about it. Well, actually, we could venture a guess.

vecnum leveloc universal fork travel adjustment

The Leveloc’s not showing up in their online store yet, nor is the helmet, but the Moveloc and Tooloc are ready for order with deliver expected in May for some models.

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Big thanks to Bikerumor reader Nico for the link!


  1. that thing is a voided warranty to the Stem and the Fork….Doesn’t seem necessary at all! the dropper might have some potential. I like their Split seat clamp. I’m sure other droppers on the market could benefit from that bad boy as well.

  2. That bar clamp has a cable grip, I wonder if it will work with a Gravity Dropper. GD’s own lever is too fiddly inside and my current solution of a drilled out KS lever with a grub screw in it is a bit too Heath Robinson, but that one looks very neat indeed.

  3. my old 2003 marazocchi marathon sl fork had a lock down feature built into the fork. this feature was cool on very long and/or STEEP accents. i was a nice feature that i miss at times now.

    all these products look good, and the video/riding was decent too.

  4. I could see where the travel limiter could void a warranty- not sure I care though. Its a unique, simple idea that works. Light weight. Umm yeah I like it.

  5. Niice – some genuinely interesting pieces of kit being presented – although they seem to be following the trend for ridiculously priced droppes “/

    However – big thumbs up for having some serious riding done on a hardtail in their promo – big up to all hardtail riders!! 😀

  6. you will have more info (and can actually buy online) if you look at the german version and use google translate – doesn’t look like their english site is near as complete.
    Wish they started selling the leveloc – there is concern this might put a lot of pressure on the arch as you are climbing and hitting things during rebound if you compress anywhere near that 80%. Brilliant for putting in the car as well. I want one!

  7. Does anyone know whats going on with these guys? I’ve been waiting patiently but there’s no products available yet.

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