It’s hard to tell what happens in this grainy video with any certainty, but it appears this truck driver hasn’t learned the all important rule of truck ownership – tie things down securely. As the vehicle is passing a cyclist, a mattress falls out and hits the rider, then miraculously cushions his fall! Skip to the 20 second mark to see it happen.


  1. That was amazing! The guy looked to be in complete disbelief.
    His bike ended up underneath the matress. You can see him pull it out right after he stands up at the end of the video.
    The matress must have been in the air when it hit him, and hit right at the seatpost or something so it just seperated him from the bike and he then conveniently landed square in the middle of the mattress and on top of his bike. Incredible!

  2. The title is a bit misleading. I don’t think the truck hit anyone.
    The mattress flew off the truck and took down the cyclist who being unbelievably lucky, fell on top of the mattress and appears unhurt.

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