Alex Rims has just introduced the new Supra 35 mountain bike rims. It’s their widest yet at 35mm external and a generous 30mm internal measurements.

All three wheel sizes are offered -26”, 27.5” and 29er- and claimed weights range from 530g to 600g. They’re sold as rims only for now, but they may find their way onto their A-Class wheels in the future. Available now. We’re checking on pricing, but you can check the rim profile and specs after the break…



  1. The DX32 is wider with a 32mm internal and 38.5 external width.

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting these rims since they were announced at eurobike 2013, but that was because I thought they’d be 35mm internal. Now I’m a bit less excited… but for 26″ the claimed weight is 220g less than the DX32, and shaving a whole pound of rim from a wheelset could be worth it. If they’re just as strong, that is.

  2. Oh also the DX32 comes in the super secret punk rock 4th size known as 24″, which plays a critical role on my commute/destroy urban assault machine.

  3. Thanks, guys. We’re all thrilled that Alex is putting out a dumbed-down version of the Velocity P-35 like 4 years after the fact. Genius reporting. Do you have a line on these e “electronic derailleurs” I’ve been hearing about? Maybe an expo on how “fixies” are so hot right now!?

  4. Yep, Velocity has been making the P35 (now called Blunt 35) for a few years, same weight, but made in USA. And I believe they look cooler 😀

  5. The P35 doesn’t have eyelets, and it looks like it has taller and possibly thinner sidewalls. And the P35 profile is much closer to hemisphere than these. All told I think the two are quite different.
    I have a set of P35s… I’m a fan of Velocity and their excellent customer service, so I won’t say how well they’ve held up. Blunt is definitely a cooler name than Supra though, and color options beyond black/silver will always be a significant advantage in my mind.

    Oh and my P35s were made in Australia, as with most of my Velocities. Nonetheless, the variety is welcome.

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