Biken leather bicycle banana holster

Bananas, the perennial threat to cartoon characters everywhere, are also a great source of natural energy. Their high potassium levels make them ideal for recovery, or so I’m told. But the voluminous and bruise-prone banana can be troublesome to portage. Leather goods specialist Biken presents a neat solution that should keep your mid-ride snack from giving you the slip. It’s handmade from genuine leather, and you can suspend it from all sorts of places: handlebars, seat rails, top-tube, belt, or possibly your bag. Keep your banana safe and let everyone know you have a sense of humor by snatching up this a-peel-ing accessory for $55 on Biken’s etsy store.


  1. I can’t believe this comment section hasn’t had to be shut down yet due to inappropriate banana comments. I’m not sure if I’m impressed or sad.

  2. I just emailed this to a friend and realized he probably wouldn’t click a “FOUND: LEATHER HOLSTER FOR YOUR BANANA” link with zero context. Should’ve added a “sfw” tag.

  3. The D! You took me back there. But you still sound too white…
    I love it. It’s good to remind cyclists almost none of us are going to win a World Champs, or the TdF, so why pretend with untold numbers of carbon wotsits? Just accept the leather banana-pouch is what we’re really all about, back here in the cheap seats. Nicely written too Andrey, but please return that plastic banana to my nanna’s fruit bowl when you’re done with it (that is not a euphemism – have some respect!)

  4. Wow, lots of fun in this comment thread! @Carl, thanks for you kind words. I just have to clarify that the picture comes from Biken, not me. I too am a bit puzzled by the plastic banana.

  5. Wow…Better than late-night TV Excite enhancement pills. I have so much more male confidence. Why yes, MY banana does need it’s own holster, thank you very much.

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