Last week, Zipp unveiled their new SL70 Aero handlebar with most of the info and a few glamour shots. We spotted it at NAHBS and spoke with the product manager to get a few more details.

First, it replaces the Vuka Sprint, which has been discontinued immediately and any shops that had them on order will be getting the SL70 Aero instead. In addition to being stiffer than that outgoing model, the center clamping section is wider at 72mm, giving bit more room for out front computer mounts. It’s not designed for nor is there really room for clip on aero extensions.

Their engineers used CFD to design the aero top section so it’s less sensitive to pitch with regards to drag, so rotating the bar off of 0° won’t completely kill the aerodynamics…


Missing from the PR were any shots of the bottom to show the Rapid Routing cable ports. The inboard input hole is larger to allow for both shift and brake housing in, and a second input on the outer edge fits a single line. So, regardless of drivetrain brand, you should be able to run the cables discreetly.


Once inside, their Rapid Routing channels guide the housing straight thru to the oversized exit port.

Full specs and pricing in the original post here.


  1. I really like the new aero-bar fad. If for nothing else, I really like the flat tops as a hand perch. I just wish there was a classic round bend instead of the ergo bend. I get ergo is great for a LOT of people but my hands just never seem to fall into the right spot….

  2. Just rotate off of 0 and a potential loss of aero benefit . Now solved ? Really a few mm makes a difference , either way ?! What a crock. It’s flat and nice for your hands. I use 2 wing bars , love em. But aero benefit ? BS.

  3. I like how on the first shot it weirdly tricked me into thinking it was a weirdly shaped mtb bar and the round drop actually was some hand guard or something.

  4. Just bought the bars for my new Pinarello Dogma with Shimano Di2 shifters! Can’t decide if I should tape the handlebars all the way or just past the hoods? I ride in the Northeast with a lot of hills.Thoughts? Advice?

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