Saris Fatbike bike rack (2)

Fat bikes seem to be popping up left and right, but getting them to your riding destination can still be a challenge. When it comes to tray style hitch mount racks a few manufacturers like Kuat and Thule are offering fatbike kits that will accommodate 4” tires, but when it comes to the new crop of 5” monsters most tray rack owners are still out of luck. The new Freedom Super Clamp from Saris changes that.

See how to strap down your new Ice Cream Truck after the break.

Saris Fatbike bike rack (3)

Saris Fatbike bike rack (4) Saris Fatbike bike rack (1)

Like other tray style racks, the Freedom Super Clamp still needs an adapter kit to work on fatbikes, but the news here is that it works with the larger 5” tires. Saris sells their Fat Tray adapter for $44.99 per bike and it is compatible with any Saris Freedom Rack. That means if you want to carry two fatbikes you need two kits. The Fat Tray adapter bolts onto the rack but uses the standard upper clamps to hold your fatbike on the Freedom Super Clamp without touching the frame and includes a longer wheel strap.

Saris Offers 5" Fat Bike Compatible Tray Rack with new Freedom Super Clamp Fat Bike Kit

The Super Clamp has built in lock cables for your bikes, and works with both 1 ¼” and 2” hitches out of the box.


  1. @Adam-Have you used the new freedom super clamp? It’s brand new and just recently available. I’d take it over the T2 any day. The bikes are easy to load and really solidly held in place. Plus the saris rack is cheaper and weighs a lot less. You lose the fold/tilt feature, but I happily give that up for how well the saris works. The T2 is a well made rack, but it is not “far better” or even “better” in my opinion.

  2. I’m still waiting on Swagman to release a fat adapter for their tray racks. Though it looks like they are “wait and seeing” their way out of an opportunity to keep their current customers.

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