Every once in a while a new press release video hits our inbox that’s worth it’s hypothetical weight in gold. The Transition TR500 launch video is just this special kind of awesome, although we’re disappointed to report a complete absence of Cock & Balls technology.

Here is the lowdown from Transition:

Hold onto your hat for the all new Transition TR500 DH bike. The TR500 is the true evolution of design and performance coming together to take Transition’s DH program to the next level. The TR500 is lighter, stronger, sleeker and packed full of new features. All new geometry, more size options including a new XL, improved suspension kinematics for better small bump sensitivity, ability to run lower spring rates and a smoother leverage curve for easier tuning of the shock. The new TR500 can be run as a world cup class DH setup with a dual crown or throw it into the lower travel setting with short wheelbase and a 180mm single crown fork to create the ultimate bike park freeride shredding bike.

Via Transition Bikes


  1. Pretty funny vid! Definitely won’t be selling my Session anytime soon to get one, but gotta respect that kind of marketing.

  2. Their videos are really good- but that last one really made me want to buy one of their bikes: I can really respect that kind of real world testing.

  3. Very funny ad! I like the “engineers” – like extras from Proof or something. And the reindeer milking factory. Awesome.

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