ergon cyclocross bike saddle

Ergon has expanded the saddle range to include a cyclocross specific design. Based on their road models, it’s a bit flatter and smoother to make for easier dis- and remounts.

It has a closed cell EVA foam with more padding than the road saddles, and the shape is flatter since your moving around more on a ‘cross bike. The cover is stitched of two different materials – the center section is slightly grippier to keep you from sliding around, and the side/nose panel is slippier to prevent friction in the “pedaling region of your thighs” (my quote, not theirs).

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ergon cyclocross saddle

It’ come in two sizes, small and medium, for sit bone widths of 9-11cm and 11-13cm respectively.

ergon cyclocross saddle

Three versions are available:

  • Standard – ti rails and GFK (glass fiber composite) shell – $79.95 – 260g
  • Pro – ti rails, carbon shell – $129.95 – 225g
  • Pro Carbon – carbon/carbon – $199.95 – 195g

ergon cyclocross saddle

ergon cyclocross saddle


  1. If you look closely, the box that is pictured above is the $79 glass composite saddle. I would be interested in seeing the construction of the higher end product.

  2. @AA – actually the version pictured here is the Pro which is $130. Nevertheless, even top models from Ergon look dull – IMHO at this price, they could do better.

  3. You know, while the Ergon saddle I have been training on is the most comfortable saddle I’ve found, and I WAS planning on riding it for 333 straight miles at Trans-Iowa, I think I’ll have to go another route. Comfort be damned, it just doesn’t look expensive enough.

  4. As pointed out the SRX3 is available in 3 models….
    SRX3: $79
    SRX3 Pro: $129
    SRX3 Pro Carbon: $199

    The SRX3 Pro Carbon in Med is available now in the USA:

    The SRX3-M and SRX3 Pro-M are coming later this Spring 2014.

    The Medium size is available on all the SRX3 released now through Spring 2014. Small will be introduced in the late Summer of 2014, just before CX gets going…..this is what is new. At Eurobike and Interbike we only showed and planned on 1 size; Medium. Since then, because of rider and retailer demand, we will now offer the SRX3 models in Small.

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