Promising to be quieter than whatever you’re using now, the new Rocky Mounts Ouray Crossbars and Flagstaff towers give you a smooth new option for vehicle roof racks.

The crossbars are made of thick wall, non-corrossive black anodized aluminum and are made to handle heavy loads. Five lengths, from 44″ to 60″, are available. The shape is designed to cut quietly and smoothly through the air, minimizing wind noise and drag. Retail is $149.95.

The towers use a contoured contact patch and strap to adapt to any factory roof rail shape. A hatch opening eases installation and, with optional locking cores, lets you secure it to your car. The internals are powder coated to prevent corrosion and keep everything working smoothly for years. Retail is $179.95.

Both pieces will start shipping in June 2014 and are sold separately since they’re individually compatible with older Rocky Mounts roof rack parts. Pricing is for four towers and two cross bars, enough to deck out a vehicle properly. Detail pics below…

rocky-mounts-ouray-crossbar-flagstaff-roof-vehicle-rack-mounts1 rocky-mounts-ouray-crossbar-flagstaff-roof-vehicle-rack-mounts2


  1. If the crossbars are stronger than my OEM Subaru ones (aka ones that bent w/ a kayak on the roof) I’d give ’em a go. Curious about that tower mount though, seems like won’t work that well with an 09 Outback given their shape. If it’s anything like my Pitchfork it’ll be high quality.

  2. Yes, the bars look very similar to pre-Aeroblade bars but that tower also looks very similar to Thule’s still current Rapid Crossroad 450R tower system. A good bit cheaper too. Interesting.

  3. What are the straps made out of? I have a 10 year old set of Yakima towers on my Subie. Steel & aluminum and in great shape. Will the strap hold up as well?

  4. Looks cheap! Good first try though!

    Is that strap a rubber-coated steel strap like the Thule Crossroad? Or just rubber? If it’s just rubber, then game over.

  5. I just asked the RockyMounts guys — the strap is rubber coated stainless steel. Final assembly here in the states, towers made in Taiwan, and the crossbars fabricated in Mexico. Looks like a good system, I’m tempted…our old Volvo needs crossbars.

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