StantoVelo protective padded arm warmers for road cyclists

Whether you’re just a really aggressive roadie, playing a little bike hockey or just want a little insurance against road rash or broken elbows, StantoVelo’s Protective Arm Warmers could be just your thing.

The fabric is a Lycra/elastane blend with micro fleece interior. The special part is the 6mm EPDM foam padding, which they say is soft but has high impact strength. It’s also antibacterial and waterproof, so sweat won’t turn it into a smelly sponge. They also say it’s soft and flexible enough that you can roll it down and off your arm, then stash it easily in a jersey pocket.

Adding to the protective qualities is the reflective logo on the pads, which face rearward when riding.

StantoVelo protective padded arm warmers for road cyclists

One size fits all, stretching from 42cm to 64cm. Black only, machine washable. Retail is £25.99.


  1. f@ck me.

    the last thing in the world I need is to ride with a weekend roadie who ‘needs crash protection’ for coming up on the inside and bad lines into corners.

    If I saw someone show up on a group ride with these I leave on my own.

  2. I use something similar for MTBing and find them very comfortable and unobtrusive. Totally recommend for any rider, road or MTB as these are going to save you from losing skin and exposing bone (!) in a crash…Get some!

  3. Haha, that would be pretty scary to find on a group ride!
    It might be nice for playing bike polo, mountain biking, or even cyclocross.
    But I feel like similar side/front protection on a set of knee warmers would make more sense, even in those applications.

  4. Soft pads may be a protection for some rash if you fall off you tricycle, but they don’t do much in a real crash. Get real, hard pads, if you feel like you need it. They actually ventilate better.

  5. I saw some guy in a crit with elbow pads and wrist guards. I made sure to let everyone on my team to stay the heck away. If you think you need this for road racing, for the sake of all the other competitors, please stay home.

  6. I think this is a good idea. I hope they will make a similar version for the knees also.
    Only an idiot does not consider crashing while riding a bike.
    Even pros crash so there is no need to dis-consider someone’s riding skills based on the protection that he is using. If you’re brave and not intrested in you changes of sruvivival after a crash don’t even wear a helmet!

  7. I would love to see lightweight, breathable protection for road racing. It’s widely accepted that if you race for long enough, you will find yourself bleeding on the asphalt at some point. So, why do we continue to race basically naked? Because of macho and elitist attitudes like gringo’s and Collin’s? If it were the norm, they’d wear it too. Because it would be hot or uncomfortable? My helmet weighs 225g and I forget it’s even there. The same could be accomplished with other protective gear.

  8. Ha, love the hard man comments, obviously never fallen off their bikes..
    One day we will all be wearing something like this.

  9. Soft pads do next to nothing for impact protection, imagine wearing a helmet made out of soft squishy foam, like a 70’s hairnet. Take a look at motorcycle foam armor, it is quite firm, because that’s what you need when you impact the ground.

  10. I would totally wear these for bike polo. I currently wear lacrosse elbow pads. And to the commentor saying he thought knee pads are more important. I personally only wear elbow pads and a helmet pads when I play. I rarely fall on my knees. Some people only wear knee pads. I guess it matters how you play and crash.

  11. Ok, there seems to be some hard headed ness from all sides.
    Let’s do the math here

    Even Lycra does better to protect our skin than nothing. We must have some pretty fantastic formulas set aside to drum up the math to explain how a little but of padding will not help.

    Now, that being said I would not want the only guy wearing these in my race to be dive bombing me inside my line because of his added self confidence. We shouldn’t look at these as idiot proofing tools, but something to help ease potential road rash which we are all subjected to.

  12. @ve @mindless
    I’m not sure what armor pads are used, but not all soft armor is the same.
    check out , their armor is software and great for protection.

    for the guys thinking, “all man, he’s wearing armor, he’s going to crash”, that’s just dumb. There’s a motorcycle saying “dress for the crash, not the ride.” There’s nothing wrong being a little cautious.

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