Oto Cycles Otok and Otor retro cruiser racer e-bikes

Based in Barcelona, Oto Cycles was born in a garage of tinkerers and now makes the most lustworthy e-bikes we’ve seen. The Otor, above, and the Otok (shorter wheelbase, shown after break) take the retro cruiser and cafe racer concept and give it juice.

While the italJet e-cruisers we saw at Eurobike come close, offering a bit more rugged look, the Oto’s are pure speed and style. They use a Samsung LiNiCoMn 36V 10.4Amp battery pack hidden in the faux gas tank and a rear hub motor to keep the lines clean. Range is about 45km to 60km, and they’ll carry you up to 6km/h without pedaling. From there, it’s pedal assist with five levels of boost. Frames are made of steel with alloy rims, handlebars and other components, and the all come with Brooks saddles.

Oto Cycles Otok and Otor retro cruiser racer e-bikes

The Otok uses a steel spring style front suspension fork. It has the more upright positioning and uses drum brakes on the front with v-brakes (or horseshoe) on the rear.

Oto Cycles Otok and Otor retro cruiser racer e-bikes

The chopper-like Otor is the longer, lower model and gets disc brakes with a rigid dual crown fork.

Oto Cycles Otok and Otor retro cruiser racer e-bikes

They come stock with a 250 watt motor, but a 500 watt option is available for both. The Otor also gets a 750 watt motor option. Yes, please! And you can choose from about a million colors. All include an LED front headlamp.


The Retrov is their more traditional looking European city bike, and is available with or without the rear hub motor.



  1. What are these for? Are they just for looking at or they toys for kids that are two fat to ride a normal bike and too young for a license to drive one with an engine.

    6kph is the speed of a skate board not something that looks like a Café Racer.

  2. Nash, you’re missing the point…and if you don’t understand it’s pointless to explain it to you

    (not everyone rides to be the best at exercising)

  3. These look very naked to me.
    I love the BTR (Board Track Racer) style.
    But without the China Doll or 4-Stroke, I am missing the point.

  4. Cool looking, but if you ride one on a bike path you ought to be put into stocks in the town square while the townsfolk pelt you with rotten vegetables.

  5. It’s really frustrating that the “press” in addition to the industry is throwing this bike crap at us. Frankly, they are not bikes. They go against pretty much everything a core cyclist wants and needs. Stop it now. Why not post cars on here too, since there are some pretty good looking cars out there?

  6. The comments on this website really demonstrate how many members of the cycling community, or atleast the ones that frequent bikerumor, seem to forget that bikes can also be about “fun” (I know, you might have to google that word). I have a beach cruiser and love taking it out on sunny weekends to ride down by the beach, not because it’s fast, not because it’s ‘super lightweight’ but because it’s fun.

    I like the styling here but can’t help but think they’re a bit redundant without a throttle, cruisers are hardly ergonomic, even with electric assist.

  7. Finally, a company that “gets” ebikes. Don’t make them look like a bike with electrics, make them look like a motorcycle with pedals. Only downside is putting the weight of batteries way up high, on the TT — better CG if placed lower, but sacrifices to style sometimes need to be made. Many other ebikes look engineered, this bike looks like it was actually designed.

    Reminds me of the Bishop prototype Trek showed at Trekworld a few years ago.

  8. Good to see development , ideas and inspiration from different people and brands. That is one thing the internet, and a site such as bikerumor, is good for. I’d never look at bikerumor if I thought the only thing that I would/could see was “same as before” bikes. Too bad how many of the bikers out there don’t seem to enjoy an open mind. I have 5 bikes that I use and an e-bike might just become nr. 6, thanks BikeRumor for showing new flavours.

  9. I’m not opposed to BR posting items like this. I think a little creative license is good here and it’s nice to see product out on the fringes of the cycling culture. As one bloke above puts it cycling is about FUN.

    I can appreciate the style of what OTO has put together and the effort that’s gone into them. But for me, they’re not my cup of tea just like all of the Felt cruisers are as well. If I was going through the exercise of owning something retro, I’d opt for a motorcycle. That way you have an engine with all of it’s fire and fury to ride. Bikes like these are only 50% there for me.

    In general, it will be interesting to see how the new crop of E-bikes shake out. I can see some “issues” on the bike paths happening this summer…..Just my personal opinions.

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